FFXIV Guide: Locations for gathering new Endwalker Maps

With every Final Fantasy XIV expansion, you get brand new Treasure Maps to cash in on, and Endwalker is no different. Maps are an easy way to make thousands (or even millions) of Gil quickly. New maps FFXIV's version 6.0 can already be gathered, even though they can't open up a portal just yet.

However, Endwalker maps can still drop goodies worth millions like the much-coveted set of Pixie Wings, so you should try to gather one when you can. The newest maps are the Timeworn Saigaskin Map and the Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Map; we'll explain how to find them here.  

Before deciphering your map, remember Treasure Maps will not unlock portals until Endwalker update 6.05. This page should continue to see updates as we confirm more fishing locations for these items early on in Endwalker. 

 Where are Saigaskin Maps in Endwalker?

Confirmed Locations for Saigaskin Nodes: 

  • Botany
    • Ultima Thule (X:13.4, Y:29)
  • Mining
    • Ultima Thule (X: 19.7, Y:10.7)
    • Ultima Thule (X:17.4, Y:11.8)

 How to find Kumbhiraskin Maps in FFXIV

Kumbhiraskin Maps reward you with 10 Allagan Tomestones of Aphorism, Gil, Materia, and sometimes even Pixie Wings (a glamour item reselling for a lot of Gil). You aren't guaranteed anything, and the map recommends you bring a full party to the dig site. 

Level 90 nodes in Ultima Thule are the only place we've confirmed supply Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Maps for Botanists and Miners in Endwalker. On Botanist, take the Reah Tahra Aetheryte and head south.  If you're using a Miner, teleport to Adobe of Ea and head southwest. You can find these maps in earlier Endwalker locations by using your Fisher. 

Confirmed Map Coordinates: 

  • Botany
    • Ultima Thule (X:13.5, Y:29.2)
  • Mining
    • Ultima Thule (X: 18.6, Y:14.2)
  • Spearfishing 
    • Thavnair (X:23,1 Y:24.5 )
    • Thavnair (X:23,2 Y:25.4 )

 FFXIV Requirements for Finding Treasure Maps

Every 18 hours, you can gather one of the Timeworn Maps in FFXIV. You can find the timer for your next map allowance by opening up the Timers window (CTRL+U). Players can only hold one of each type of map at a time, and you cannot decipher multiple maps at a time.

Map storage applies to your Chocobo Saddlebag and Retainers too. Both types of storage only allow one of each map to hold, but there are clever ways to hold additional maps if you don't want to sell them and aren't ready to decipher them just yet. Trying asking friends if they would allow you to send them a Treasure Map in the Moogle Mail and not open it - alternatively, they can just send it back and you can let it sit in your mailbox. Free Company chests work too if no one else is occupying the space with their own items.

For resources on leveling your gatherers to grab maps, check out: