Final Fantasy VII Remake fan video restores classic PS1 camera angles

Final Fantasy VII Remake doesn't have official options when it comes to revisiting classic PS1 angles, but fan mods may do the trick. Hoping to inspire community creativity, Final FanTV has crafted their own video that restores the decades-old PS1 camera shots to the RPG's modern retelling. 

The video isn't an actual mod, but the Final Fantasy fan site and podcast hub creator wants " to inspire the modding community to make FF7R fully playable with classic PS1 FF7 Cameras." Yet, even as just concept footage, it does a stellar job of recreating some of Midgar's most memorable moments; taking us from those early scenes on the train to storming down reactor halls.

Final FanTV says they created the video using photomode tools from Frans "Otis_Inf" Bouma, a modder known for their camera modding work in other games like Assasin's Creed Valhalla, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, NieR Replicant, and more. Apparently, this is their first shot at creating something like this for FFVIIR, but I wouldn't have guessed it without being told. It's pretty damn cool, and you can check it out for yourself now. 


It's just as you remember, with the camera following Cloud's movements through Final Fantasy VII's earliest encounters. There's even an adjusted angle for going into enemy encounters, so you're looking at a static shot that serves turn-based battles well instead of Remake's fast-paced, floaty views. The side-by-side shots above do their creator's work further justice, speaking to how much attention to detail it took when recreating those PS1 era moments. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake just made its PC debut via the Epic Games Store, and you can check out RPG Site's technical preview impressions now from Chao Min Wu. And if you're curious for more on new story bits with Yuffie, Alex Donaldson seemed quite fond of her addition to the party as she made her debut in last summer's Intergrade release