Pokemon Legends: Arceus gets a 13-minute deep-dive trailer

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is rapidly approaching, with its release now a matter of weeks away. Since we're getting very close now, promotion is stepping up - and now Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have released a new trailer which reveals much about the hotly-anticipated Pokemon game - which continues to be shrouded in much mystery, even so close to release. 

The trailer recaps a bunch of things we already know about the game, such as how it's set in Hisui, a long-ago version of Diamond & Pearl's Sinnoh region, and how it'll feature a very different gameplay loop to traditional Pokemon games - but then it starts to go into more detail, with interesting reveals for both Pokemon and RPG fans. 

Much has been made of Pokemon Legends: Arceus having similarities to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and while the inspiration is undeniable, this trailer goes a long way to shwocasing how this is quite a different game to that, and still a Pokemon game through-and-through. We see exploration, Pokemon catching, and trainers dealing with wild and even aggressive Pokemon without the assistance of their partner Pokemon - a series first.

Also broadly new to the series, unless you count something like the Cram-o-Matic, is a full-blown, proper RPG-like crafting system. Because of the open world nature of the game, you'll be crafting your basic resources, including everything from lures and distractions to use on Wild Pokemon to Pokeballs themselves - which in this ancient time, are made out of wood!

Finally, we also get a glimpse at new battle mechanics, where a 'stance' system has been introduced to allow you to sacrifice speed for power, or the reverse, mixing up the turn order in the process. It's not quite 'ATB' style, but there's a layer of complexity to even the turn order here that Pokemon has never attempted before.

See the trailer for yourself above. Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases for Nintendo Switch on January 28 - and we'll naturally have a review and a buunch of coverage on RPG Site around release.