Chocobo GP adds Cloud Strife and Squall Leonhart as Season 1 racers

Square Enix has announced that Cloud Strike and Squall Leonhart will both be available in the upcoming Chocobo GP racing game. However, the manner in which the two characters are available is a bit different from standard racers, with both being available as part of the game's first 'season'.

First, let's look at Square Enix's official description for both Cloud and Squall.



"Not interested" in Chocobo GP? Let's change that! Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII joins the race in season 1. Cloud will be a Season Pass exclusive award for you to unlock.



The best looking guy here, Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII joins the race for season 1 in Chocobo GP. Squall will appear in the line-up at the Gil shop for you to unlock him!

Of the two characters, Squall's situation is a bit simpler. You can buy him from the in-game shop for Gil. However, he is advertised as being part of Season 1, so perhaps his availability is timed. 

Cloud is only available through what Square Enix here calls a "Season Pass". What this actually seems to be is a seasonal Battle Pass (and not like a DLC set). According to the game's Japanese website, Chocobo GP is planned to have race "seasons", with each season is stated to last for about two months. During the season, presumably, the player can earn rewards by completing races. Cloud is available as a prize for the first pass. So you have to earn him before the Season ends.

Remember, Chocobo GP has both a paid version and a 'Lite' version, which was detailed back in December. Paid players will get additional allowances when it comes to the in-game currency, though details on this are not clear.

Update (February 11): Square Enix has revealed more details about Seasons and Prize Passes here.

Chocobo GP is set to release on March 10 for Nintendo Switch. New screenshots can be seen in the gallery below.

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