Turn-based tactical RPG The Iron Oath gets a demo during Steam Next Fest; new teaser trailer

Publisher Humble Games and developer Curious Panda Games have released a new trailer for The Iron Oath, set to release in 2022 for PC (Steam, Humble).

The trailer commemorates the launch of a demo for the turn-based tactical RPG during this week's Steam Next Fest, running from February 21 to February 28.

The Iron Oath was originally announced in 2020, before pandemic and other development hurdles pushed back the game's expected launch window at the time. It began as a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2017, raising $94,524 for the project.

The video can be found below, alongside an updated description of the game and screenshots, via Humble.

The Iron Oath is a turn-based tactical RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. As the leader of a mercenary company you will recruit, manage, and embark on perilous missions in order to build your company’s renown. The decisions you’ll face often carry weight, and can have a minor or major influence on your characters and the world that surrounds them. As the years progress, the world changes dynamically, enabling new story-lines and missions which results in a unique experience for every playthrough.

Key Features

  • Tactical Turn-Based Combat - Proper planning and execution is vital to your success. Utilize the strengths and shelter the weaknesses of each unique character class. Deadly foes, traps and destructible objects means one misstep could be your party’s undoing.
  • Dynamic Ever-Changing Overworld - The known world consists of 5 unique regions and biomes, each with multiple hubs to visit. Cities can be overtaken, destroyed and rebuilt; while various factions can emerge, rise and fall.
  • In-Depth Mercenary Guild Management - Control your company’s finances, roster and happiness. Manage political relationships by forging alliances and creating enemies.
  • Unique Characters and Backstories - Every recruitable character has their own personal backstory, incorporating events that have taken place during your playthrough.
  • Choices Bear Consequences - You will be faced with many choices throughout your journey. Choices bear consequences, and they can have a minor or major influence on your characters, your company and the world itself.
The Iron Oath