NieR: Automata to be adapted into a TV anime

During a 5th anniversary live stream, Square Enix announced that NieR: Automata will be adapted into a TV anime production.

Not much information about the anime production has been revealed, but it will be produced by Square Enix and Aniplex.

A teaser trailer can be found below, and the official website is here.

The popular action RPG game "NieR: Automata", which was released by Square Enix on February 23, 2017 and has sold over 6 million units worldwide.

We announced the decision to make a TV animation in "NieR: Automata 5th Anniversary Live Broadcast" which was delivered today, just 5 years after its release.

"NieR: Automata" is an action RPG produced by Square Enix and developed by PlatinumGames.

The stage is a distant future in which human beings are routing to the moon in front of the overwhelming force of "machine life forms" that aliens unleash. "2B" belonging to the newly organized android unit "Yorha" will put himself into a fierce battle to recapture the earth.

Along with the lifting of the ban on this information, we have released a newly drawn animation visual and a trailer to announce the decision to animate.