Chrono Trigger PC and mobile update to add ultra wide support and more this week

Chrono Trigger will receive an update this week, with the arguably definitive PC and mobile versions of this all-time classic getting an unexpected new patch to add new features and tweaks, including the addition of support for 21:9 ultra-wide resolutions.

The update is quite unexpected, given the last update for Chrono Trigger on PC was all the way back in August 2018. Years later, the game is suddenly being revived for a new patch - and it's not even to fix a critical bug. Here's a trailer for the update from Square Enix Japan:

The new update, which will release on PC via Steam as well as iOS and Android storefronts on March 11 actually adds some new quality-of-life features to the game including display support for up to 21:9 - which is technically an 'ultrawide' format.

That means you can enjoy the SNES classic with a more all-encompassing worldview than ever before. There's also a speed boost to the auto-battle mode, so flicking on auto-battle also makes things happen more quickly. There are also more save slots for all versions of the game. 

It'll be interesting to see if this update improves compatibility, too - we tried to test Chrono Trigger PC on Steam Deck, and while it installs and boots, it was extremely prone to crashing. 

The update is out in just a few days - and the inevitable speculation about if this is connected to a potential console port begins now.