The DioField Chronicle is the next tactical RPG from Square Enix

During today's PlayStation State of Play broadcast, Square Enix revealed The DioField Chronicle, a strategy RPG made in partnership with Lancarse that appears to tap into a little tactical SE nostalgia. The publisher announced DioField would launch this year for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S< Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). 

The DioField Chronicle will support English and Japanese voices, as well as English, Japanese, French, German, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) subtitles.

Some of its key art may have gotten fans a little hopeful that The Diofield Chronicle would be a Final Fantasy Tactics reveal, but Square Enix has confirmed this is a new franchise - just with talent from its flagship series. Taiki, an artist on Lord of Vermilion III, IV, is credited with DioField's character design, while Final Fantasy XII and XIII art director Isamu Kamikokuryo provides concept art. Game of Thrones composers Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell also join the project for an orchestrated soundtrack. 

Today's State of Play trailer shows off what Square Enix is calling its Real-Time Tactical Battle (RTTB) system. It looks like a departure from grid-based combat made familiar by games like Final Fantasy Tactics, combining strategic on-the-fly orders with some of its sibling series' staples. The diorama-style world and combat also gets a few shots in the reveal footage, twisting and turning on the battlefield to reveal new strategic angles and cutscene shots.

The reveal trailer, description, character introductions, a gameplay overview, and screenshot/art set can be found below, via Square Enix. The official Japanese and English websites have also opened.



Square Enix today announced The DioField Chronicle, an all-new strategy-RPG that immerses players in an epic tale of war and honor, is coming to the PlayStation 5 (PS5) system, the PlayStation 4 console, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam later this year.

This fresh new franchise is developed by Square Enix in conjunction with Lancarse Ltd, a team of veteran strategy developers, features unique character designs by Taiki (Lord of Vermilion III, IV), concept art by Isamu Kamikokuryo (Final Fantasy  XII, Final Fantasy XIII) and has beautifully orchestrated music by world-renowned composers Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell, known best for their work on Game of Thrones.

The Announcement Trailer unveiled today provides a first look at the story and new, deeply strategic real-time battle system called ‘Real-Time Tactical Battle’ (RTTB). Told through stunning ‘diorama’-style combat scenes, players will assess front line conditions in real-time, issue decisive orders and use a variety of skills, classes, and equipment to gain the upper hand over their foes.

The DioField Chronicle is set in a beautiful and unique world blending fantasy, medieval and modern-day influences. Under the steady hand of the Shaytham dynasty, the Kingdom of Alletain on DioField Island has known peace for 200 years, but suddenly find themselves cast into an age of uncertainty due to the rise of warlike powers and modern magic.

The Kingdom of Alletain is rich in the mineral Jade, prized for its use as a base ingredient in magic and sorcery, and the attention of both the Empire and the Alliance inevitably turns towards the island. Players will take control of a band of elite mercenaries calling themselves “Blue Fox”, but will the name “Blue Fox” come to signify hope or darkest tragedy?

Key Project Staff

  • Producer and planner: Hirata Shigeyuki (Square Enix)
  • Directors: Kumagai Takahiro (Square Enix), Fukui Hirofumi (Lancarse) 
  • Character design: Taiki  (Notable works: Lord of Vermilion III, IV) 
  • Concept art: Kamikokuryo Isamu (Notable works: Final Fantasy XII, XIII)
  • Sound composers: Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell 


The era of myths gives way to an era of great turmoil

War looms dark over the Rowetale Mainland, and, amid the unrest.
Commanding a disciplined army and versed in Modern Magic, the Empire is a power to be reckoned with.
It promptly establishes control over the western part of the continent. 

Despite their combined strength, they were largely powerless to resist the Empire's advance. 

The continent was ravaged by the devastating war between the Empire and The Alliance. However, one nation remained unaffected by the chaos. The Kingdom of Alletain on Diofield Island, situated off the north-western coast of Rowetale. 

On the mainland, the war reached a stalemate when the powerful Vherman Republic joined forces with the Alliance. 
The two sides were now evenly matched. However localised fighting continued to intensify in a bid to secure Jade, a resource for Modern Magic. With Jade believed to be abundant on Diofield, the attention of both the Empire and the Alliance inevitably turned towards island. 

The Kingdom of Alletain, Ward of the Aurgus, looked destined to have its soil stained with the blood of battle. 

The Nations and Powers that dominate Diofield Island

Kingdom of Alletain: A nation that was forged when the Shaytham dynasty united the territories of DioField Island, situated to the north west of the continent of Rowetale. Over 200 years have passed since the rule of the crown was first established. It is said that the island is rich in Jade, the raw material required to power Modern Magic. 

Schoevian Empire: War looms dark over the Rowetale Mainland, and, amid the unrest•- Commanding a disciplined army and versed in Modern Magic, the Empire is a power to be reckoned with.It promptly establishes control over the western part of the continent.With Jade believed to be abundant on Diofield, the attention of both the Empire and the Alliance inevitably turned towards the island. 

Rowetale Alliance: Rowetale's other nations respond by forming an alliance to combat the threat of the Empire Despite their combined strength, they were largely powerless to resist the Empire's advance. On the mainland, the war reached a stalemate when the powerful Vherman Republic joined forces with the Alliance. 

The Setting of the Story: The Island of DioField

DioField Island: The sixth largest island in the world, separated from the Rowetale Mainland by a stretch of ocean. The island is scattered with the remains of an ancient and bestial race called the Aurgus, who were its inhabitants long before the coming of humanity. This land is also rich in the mineral Jade, prized for its use as a base ingredient in magic and sorcery. With the exception of the unexplored frontier lands and Middenfield; political heart of Alletain and home of the royal capital and Granvell Cathedral, DioField island is divided into northern, southern, eastern and western regions, each with their own unique quirks and cultures. 

Kingdom of Alletain: A nation born when the Shaytham dynasty united the island of DioField. It has now been over 200 years since the rule of the crown was established. With the island vaunted as being near unassailable from outside attack, Alletain has only conducted a bare minimum of diplomacy over the years and prospered in unique directions during its isolation. The royal capital is a sizeable castle town, nestled between Alletain castle and a mighty river. 


Izelair Wigan

Age: 16

CV: Sabrina Bartless (English), Kaori Maeda (Japanese)

A Blue Fox and the only daughter of Zoruaq Wigan, a famous mercenary of legendary skill. 

She inherited her father's fighting prowess and is known for her swift and dextrous swordsmanship. Preferring to avoid bloodshed when possible, she nonetheless proactively seeks out opponents. Sensible and kind-hearted, she is often compelled to turn a blind eye to the horrors unfolding around her on the battlefield.

Waltaquin Redditch

Age: 17

CV: Sorcha Groundsell (English), Inori Minase (Japanese)

One of the four heads of the Blue Foxes and a noblewoman of the esteemed House Redditch.

Born the daughter of one of Suffield's most prominent noblemen, she has been spoiled her entire life. Accordingly, she can be selfish and arrogant, but her grace, intelligence, and natural beauty are undeniable.

She became interested in magic at an early age, and after immersing herself in wide-ranging studies of Ancient Sorcery, she developed into a peerless magicker.

Andrias Rhondarson

Age: 20

CV: Toby Regbo (English), Nobuhiko Okamoto (Japanese)

One of the four heads of the Blue Foxes. He is a calm, cool, and resourceful leader. 

As a child he caught the eye of a nobleman who recognised something special in him, and after being trained as a soldier he became the chamberlain and bodyguard of the fourth in line to the throne, Prince Levantia Shaytham. 

He has studied strategy and tactics, and is well-versed in the Ancient Sorcery that has been passed down on Diofield through the generations. He has numerous talented agents in his employ, and is skilled in the art of subterfuge.

William Hende

Age: 37

CV: Mark Rowley (English), Kenjiro Tsuda (Japanese)

The head of House Hende, a noble house that has gained considerable power in a short amount of time. 

William had gone to the continent to study in his youth, and used the knowledge he gained there to help his family gain fame and fortune upon his return. He made an enormous profit by trading Jade to other nations, and used the money to expand his territory. He also embarked upon his own business by incorporating technologies from the continent, which allowed him to become one of the wealthiest people in the kingdom. 

When he was selected to be a councillor on the Lords Council, he set up his own order of knights, and has been building up his own military ever since.

Hezeliah Shaytham

Age: 13

CV: Fern Deacon (English), Okita Misuzu (Japanese)

The princess of Alletain, born to King Regalt and the third queen Stella, also the mother of Levantia Shaytham.

When the war for the throne became more bloody, King Regalt arranged for the royal family to escape Middenfield and live in seclusion. However, second prince Victor and his close ally Lord Kimble kidnapped the family and imprisoned them in Beasel Tower deep in the mountains.  She gives up on the idea of ever being rescued, and resigns to her fate of being kept in her birdcage.

Lorraine Luckshaw

Age: 22

CV: Ellie Heydon (English), Miku Itou (Japanese)

An administrator for the Blue Fox mercenary company, who also acts as their intermediary with the government. 

A woman belonging to House Luckshaw, a mid-rank noble house. Hailed for her abilities ever since youth, her keen intellect made her all the more rankled by the unequal treatment those of her gender faced. She ran away from home at the age of 16 when her father tried to force her to marry, and aiming to make her way in society, entered an academy funded by Duke Hende. 

After graduating she became a high-ranking official within the government, and eventually became so well-known that her father was forced into a reconciliation to save face. Soon after, Duke Hende asked for her help in forming a new mercenary group. She gladly accepted, feeling indebted to Duke Hende who had recognised her talent from the beginning.

Iscarion Colchester

Age: 23

CV: Jacob Collins-Levy (English), Jun Fukuyama (Japanese)

One of the four heads of the Blue Foxes. The son of a minor noble, he followed the Colchester tradition of joining the local order of knights. 

When a tragic incident arose, he left and became a knight-errant, travelling alone across the kingdom. While often aloof, he will never ignore those in need and because of this is respected by his subordinates.

He is a prodigiously talented archer, which served him well while working as a mercenary.

Fredret Lester

Age: 21

CV: Jonno Davies (English), Junichi Suwabe (Japanese)

One of the four heads of the Blue Foxes. 

He and Andrias have known each other since childhood and share a strong bond of brotherhood borne from the life-threatening situations they've faced together.  He is kind-hearted and naive, perhaps due to his upbringing in a beautiful natural environment. People admire him for his directness and honesty, but he has a tendency to become obsessed with whatever he is passionate about.

Possessing superb physical attributes, he could easily serve as an infantryman, but opts to leverage his fine riding skills and freely gallop across the battlefield on horseback.



Distinctive features of the game: A deep and immersive story brought to life with the latest graphics. "Real Time Tactical Battle" (RTTB), a new, highly strategic, real-time battle system. The birth of a new SRPG, crafted by a skilled and experienced development team.

A new Strategy RPG, brought to you by Square Enix: An all-new Strategy RPG that chronicles an epic tale of war and honour. Featuring a unique and beautiful world that blends fantasy, medieval and modern-day influences, and a deep yet innovative real-time battle system.

Realistic "diorama" style battle scenes: Richly detailed depictions of the environments of the island of DioField combined with unique "diorama" style visuals as you command your forces like a general.

Deep, strategic, real-time tactical battles: The battles in this game are defined by real-time assessment of battlefield conditions and issuing decisive orders that take advantage of your troops strengths and weaknesses to gain advantage over your foe. Make clever use of a variety of skills, classes and equipment to complete your mission. 



Purchasing and Developing Weapons: Weapons can be bought from shops or developed by collecting and processing raw materials. Each weapon has its own attached skills and different characters can equip different weapon types.


Enhancing Units: Units can be enhanced using 'commendations'. Each different unit can learn various different skills to prepare them for the battle to come.


Army Composition: A unit is made of of a leader and adjutants, with the leader determinging the overall status of the unit and the skills it can use, and adjutants bringing additional skills.


World Map: Select a mission to attempt and review the narute of the operation. Completing different victory conditions set for each mission allows you to claim rewards.



The fundamentals of battle: Battles essentially play out in real-time. Select a unit from your army and instruct it to move or attack in a suitable manner. You can also select to issue orders to all units at once, so adapt your commands to the situation at hand.


Ambush Attacks: Use one unit in a defensive role to weather enemy attacks, and then manoeuvre another unit around behind it to attack from the rear. This strategy is called an 'ambush attack' and inflicts massive damage.