Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin screenshots detail Multiplayer, Hallowed Massif, Ruins of Machina, Vigilia Court, and Terra Tortura

Square Enix has released one last set of screenshots and information for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin ahead of launch, detailing multiplayer and four more locations in the game: Hallowed Massif, Ruins of Machina, Vigilia Court, and Terra Tortura.

We've been tracking the locations found in Stranger of Paradise and matching them with their inspiration from other Final Fantasy entries, which you can check out for yourself. Additionally, Scott posted his review of Final Fantasy Origin, in which he states "Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is undoubtedly a fun chaotic romp that will delight number crunchers and action RPG aficionados."

The details and trailer can be found below, via Square Enix, with screenshots in the gallery.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is set to release on March 18, 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (Epic). The game is available now digitally for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. For more information on this Final Fantasy spinoff, you can check out:



The MP recovery effect from using Soul Burst on enemies and the equipment/experience points dropped by enemies will be equally obtained by all players. Work together to receive rewards!


Guest players will join the party created by the host player. Take control of allied characters that you can’t play as in single player mode!


You can take on side missions in multiplayer mode as well as main missions.


You can create a multiplayer room whilst inside a dungeon. If you run into some enemies in single player mode that are too tough to defeat, you can always rely on your online allies!



Hallowed Massif: A perilous, snow-covered mountain, which seems poised to crumble into an avalanche at a moment’s notice. Statues of human figures that appear to be sleeping lie buried within caves, deep in the mountain.


Ruins of Machina: In these ruins filled with traps, countless weapons await any intruders. Making any advance will be extremely challenging


Vigilia Court: A grand, metropolitan building with high security in place. Setting foot in the highest floors first requires disarming its many layers of barriers.


Terra Tortura: A scorched land hanging in the sky. Countless bones protruding from the surface deny a solid foothold. Statues of what appear to be deities have been placed here, and they seem to be giving some kind of power to this land.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin