The Outbound Ghost haunts consoles and Steam later this year

After developer Conradical Games' 2021 Kickstarter reached its goal in just 32 hours, The Outbound Ghost is almost ready to launch. During today's Future Games Show Spring Showcase, publisher Digerati announced the adorable ghost RPG with a Paper Mario-like aesthetic will launch in Q4 2022 for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

In the world of The Outbound Ghost, spirits still upset about their lives can't move on, so instead of peacefully proceeding to the afterlife they haunt folks on earth as a ghost. Playing just what its namesake suggests, you'll control a charming amnesiac ghost unsure of how they died or who they are. Your arrival in Outbound, a village haunted by former residents stuck in limbo, sets you on the path to freeing lost souls. 

Its storybook style artwork lets you explore in 2.5D—so a world of 2D characters dropped into 3D environments. Turn-based battles in The Outbound Ghost rely upon its Badge system and Figments. You'll craft badges with various materials picked up along the way, and those badges can be equipped for stat boosts or different effects. Figments will reveal parts of the protagonist's past personality, tapping into emotions like Regret, Benevolence, and Jealous. Those feelings manifest as party members for your journey.

"The aim is to create a compelling story that seamlessly integrates with original gameplay," said project lead Conrad Grindheim. "That's something I've prioritized since day one. We still have work to do, but I'm already very happy with the narrative design. I don't want to elaborate and give too much away, but there are multiple 'paradigm shifts' in the game that I hope will make for unforgettable story beats."

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The Outbound Ghost Characters & Key Art