Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory & Fallen Legion Revenants march onto PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One this Summer

At New Game+ Expo 2022, NIS America unveiled that Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory and Fallen Legion Revenants are coming to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. This marks the first time that the Fallen Legion games will be coming to the Xbox platforms. They will be launching sometime in Summer 2022.

Additionally, while Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory  is already available on SteamFallen Legion Revenants will see a Steam release this Summer.

Fallen Legion Revenants is a sequel to Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory (which itself is a combination of Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire and Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion).

An announcement trailer and description from NIS America can be found below.

The Fallen Legion series is making its debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox with Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory / Fallen Legion Revenants. In this exciting collection, every choice you make determines life or death. What kind of leader will you be? With over 20 different endings and branching storylines, no two playthroughs will be the same! 

Challenge yourself with real-time combat and a brand-new GRID system (exclusive to Fallen Legion Revenants) that expands your strategy options! Additionally, this release features new characters, returning voice actors including Joe Zieja and Erika Harlacher, and new boss battle scenarios! Master your Exemplars’ skills to unlock new abilities and show off your fighting skills in this dynamic double pack of action titles!

  • An Exemplary Collection: 2-in-1 value, coming to Xbox (for the first time!) and PS5.
  • A Return to Glory: Fast-paced, real time action with a choice-based story and over 20 different endings and new epilog content.
  • Revenants Reloaded: Tons of new content including a new GRID system that encourages strategy in gameplay and combat, new voice actors, new characters, and new boss battles!