Two new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak videos give A Tour of the Citadel and a first-look at the Garangolm Hunt

Capcom has released two new videos for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The first gives players a deeper dive into the Citadel, along with its surrounding environment and biomes. Another video shows off the hunt against one of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's new monsters, the fearsome Garangolm, with a character using the Dual Blades.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak launches on the Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) on June 30th.

Citadel Tour

Take a tour of the new key locale for Master Rank Quests, joining the selection of locales already available in Monster Hunter Rise. Players will notice the unique fauna and flora, castle ruins, along with a variety of different landscapes and biomes, ranging from ice-covered snowy regions to foggy swamplands. This land was once a thriving part of the Kingdom, but is now devastated, leaving plenty of room for nature to take its course and flourish around it. 

Garangolm Hunt

Tune in for a look at an actual hunt against the new monster, Garangolm, a hulking Fanged Beast with a rigid body. Garangolm may not seem flashy at first, as it relies heavily on its brute physical strength to attack; however, after taking a few punches, it’ll become enraged, showing a few elemental tricks it had up its sleeves.  In battle, Garangolm covers its arms in magma and moss, allowing for it to deal both fire and water elemental damage, and be sure to keep an eye out for relentless elemental powered charging attacks and blazing fast rocket jumps!