Live A Live - Prehistory and Imperial China Trailers

Nintendo and Square Enix have released two new trailers and new screenshots for Live A Live, showcasing some of the scenarios found in the February-announced remake of the classic Super Famicom RPG.

Live A Live is structured a bit differently than most classic RPGs; it takes place over different scenarios featuring multiple protagonists in different time periods and settings. Each scenario broadly has the same general turn-based gameplay, but each scenario also houses some unique gimmicks in how the storyline or battles take place.

The first two trailers of this type highlight the Prehistory scenario and Imperial China scenario, which can be found below alongside several new screenshots.

Live A Live is set to release on July 22 for Nintendo Switch worldwide. For those not familiar with the original SFC title, we've outlined why Live A Live getting an English localized remake is such a big deal.

Prehistory Trailer

One of the seven stories, engage in battle and survive in a prehistoric world without words as Pogo in LIVE A LIVE, coming to Nintendo Switch on July 22nd!

Imperial China Trailer

In one of seven stories, play as a kung-fu master determined to pass on his legacy to one of three disciples when LIVE A LIVE, comes to Nintendo Switch on July 22nd!

Live A Live Screenshots and Artwork