The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki set to release for PlayStation 5 in Japan/Asia; PC in Asia on July 28

Falcom has announced that The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki will release for PlayStation 5 in Japan on July 28. The Trails entry previously released for PlayStation 4 in the region last September.

Concurrently, Clouded Leopard Entertainment has announced that the game will launch for PlayStation 5 and PC (Steam) in Asia on the same date. The PC version supports Japanese voiceovers with Korean or Traditional Chinese text.

These new versions of the game support 4K resolution & 60fps, as well as add a high-speed mode, a text size toggle, and an archive mode. In Japan, players can upgrade from the PS4 to the PS5 version for 110 yen.

A new trailer, English description, and screenshots can be found below, via Falcom and Clouded Leopard Entertainment.

Steam Page Description

The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki is finally coming to Steam!

Kuro no Kiseki's revamped combat system swiftly and seamlessly transitions from field battles to command-based turn battles, allowing players to enjoy fast-paced strategic combat. With the touch of a single button, you can shift from field battles to command battles at any time.

In command battles, players select commands such as normal attacks, battle techniques, magic, and items to progress through combat. To take on even the strongest of enemies, players must cultivate a keen undersanding of the special effects of all these components combined.


The sprawling Republic of Calvard is experiencing an unprecedented economic boom brought on by post-war reparations. At the same time, feelings of uncertainty stemming from a massive influx of immigrants and bold political reform by the new president are rife. Deep within its capital city, a young Spriggan man named Van receives a strange request that threatens to plunge the entire nation into chaos…


The Spriggan is a type of undeground agent, born in the melting pot of diversity that is the Republic of Calvard.Spriggans take on any and all requests, acting as detectives, negotiators, or even as bounty hunters.
They subcontract requests that the police can't handle, consult with citizens on matters that can't be brought to light, and even take on legitimate requests from criminals and underground forces. This earned them the apt nickname "jack-of-all-trades".

In the year 1208 of the Septian Calendar, a well-to-do student dressed in the uniform of a prestigious school visits an old building located deep within the Republic's capital.
The girl stares at the plaque, upon which Arkride Resolution Office is emblazoned in plain letters. She clears her throat and then knocks three times.
"How odd, we don't receive many callers before noon..."
The calm voice of a surprisingly young, though mature-sounding man is heard from within, and the doorknob slowly starts to turn.
And thus, our story begins.

PlayStation 5 Version

The PlayStation 5 version now supports 4K resolution and 60fps for even more stunning visuals. The high-speed mode allows you to select your desired speed for field and command battles, and the in-game text size can be adjusted for a more comfortable gameplay experience. In addition, the game contains an archive that introduces past installments of the series as well as a glossary, so newcomers to the Kiseki series can jump right in.

The PlayStation 5 version also allows save data transfer from the PlayStation 4 version.

The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki PS5 Screenshots
The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki PC Screenshots