Nintendo details the basics of battle for Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Nintendo has detailed the basics of battle for the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles 3, via Nintendo's Japanese website, highlighting the game's various combat roles and some new additions to the game's battle system.

Our translation of the details can be found below. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is set to release on July 28 for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

How to Fight in a Vast World

As in other Xenoblade Chronicles games, the vast field is inhabited by a wide variety of creatures, from easily defeated organisms to huge enemies that are very hard to defeat the early stages of the adventure.

It is up to the player to choose to either fight or run away from the stronger opponents. Even If the monster is a little bit higher-ranked, feel free to challenge it.

Three Roles in Battle

Noah and six other characters can be controlled, each with their own role in combat.

There are three types of roles: Attacker, Defender, and Healer. Each has different strengths and weaknesses, so be use assigned roles to get the most out of the battle.



They are good at attacking, able to inflict heavy damage from the flanks and rear of the enemy. They are crucial to the party, but they can also be easily targeted by the enemy. It is important to keep attackers in advantageous positions while dodging enemy attacks.


Defenders are good at both guarding and evading, and they attract the aggro of the enemies to prevent their friends from being targeted. Attackers and Healers are more likely to be targeted by enemies when they use their techniques, so Defenders should work to protect their friends.


Healers can recover HP, support allies' offenses & defenses, and revive comrades who become incapacitated in battle. Without a Healer, your friends' HP will deplete steadily as they are attacked by enemies, so this is a very important role, especially when fighting strong enemies. Like Attackers, Healers are easily targeted by the enemy, and care must be taken in their positioning.

Battle Tips and Tricks

Target Line

Enemies will tend to target Attackers and Healers more often, and these will be marked with red lines (because they have low defense and thus are at a  disadvantage). The player will want to use Defenders to be targeted by the enemies to soak up damage, at their target lines will be colored blue instead.


Healer Range

Eunie's Healing Circle is an ability that can gradually heal the HP of allies within a certain range. So if Attackers HP begin to dwindle, they can recover by moving within the circle.


Also, Healers are the only characters who can revive downed allies by pressing & holding A near them, so the player will have to make sure that the Healer doesn't get downed first.

Flexible Formation

Attackers can do the most damage from the sides and rear of the enemy. If the enemy is targeting the Attacker, the Defender must stay close to take attacks and the Healer must stay ready to heal allies. But if the enemy targets the Defender, the Attacker can more leisurely attack the Enemy from the side/behind. Depending on the situation, pay attention to the position of allies in the three roles and attack while keeping track of everyone's HP.


Quick Move

A character can move quickly while sheathing their Blade after an attack [Note: all weapons in this game are called Blades]. The player will especially find this useful to get the Attacker into a suitable attacking position.

Character Switch

The player can switch between the 6 playable characters (Noah, Lanz, Eunie, Mio, Taion, Sena) at any time, while on the move or in battle. No matter which character you are controlling, the other party members will act on their own.