Babylon's Fall hits a new low on Steam - one concurrent player

Square Enix's beleaguered game-as-service co-op action RPG Babylon's Fall continues to struggle to find an audience - and this past week, the game plumbed new depths on PC, with Steam Charts data suggesting that at one point on Wednesday, May 4th, only one player was playing the game worldwide.

In fairness to Babylon's Fall, it did rebound from that single-digit stat within an hour, jumping back up to a still-disappointing 28. None of these player counts are good, however - on average Babylon's Fall's Steam release appears to be serving well under 100 unique players at any given moment. The game's peak, right after launch, was just 1166 players.

As pointed out by VGC, who first noticed the shocking stat, that puts Babylon's Fall well behind Marvel's Avengers and Outriders, other Square Enix releases that were branded as under-performing by the publisher. Outriders has an average of almost 900 concurrently users over the last month; Avengers almost 300. Square Enix recently sold Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics, as well as some of its other Western operations. 

For all the troubles, Square Enix continues to insist that it is committed to Babylon's Fall, posting road maps for continued content, noting that "there are no plans to reduce the scale of development on Babylon's Fall".  The game's first season of content updates through May 31 includes a Nier Automata collaboration, because Nier is absolutely everywhere right now.

We don't consider the game's troubles much of a surprise, however. We had a bad feeling even before launch, with Josh concluding it was "on track to be Square Enix's next GaaS blunder" way back in November of last year. It's a shame to see that coming to pass, however.