Soul Hackers 2: Summoner's Guide Vol. 3 details Factions, Facilities, and Fusion

Atlus has broadcast the third volume in its Summoner's Guide video series for Soul Hackers 2, detailing various factions, facilities for Devil Summoners, Demon Fusion, and Mistiques. This follows previous entries on the game's combat system and dungeon exploration.

The video from Atlus' Japanese YouTube channel can be found below - which offers English subtitles through the CC function - along with a transcript of the video.

Summoners operating in the Shadows

Demons are beings beyond human understanding that have existed since ancient times. Those who can form contracts with them and utilize their powers are known as Devil Summoners.


There are various factions and organizations among Devil Summoners. Among them is the supranationalist group known as Yatagarasu. Phantom Society, a secret organization plotting to summon the Great One, has been growing more active as of late. They've continued to cover up their crimes by infiltrating the government and influencing it from the inside.

There are many facilities the are used by Summoners and support them behind the scenes.

  • Facilities involving people, work, and information...
  • A black market that offers strange items of dubious origins...
  • A facility for upgrading Summoner gadgets called COMPs...
  • Cirque du Goumaden, run by the Demon Fusion specialist Victor.

Some districts developed alongside these facilities, eventually becoming cities concelead from the public known as "Realms." Summoners will not fight within Realms, regardless of one's affilation. In other words, Realms are hidden cities protected by a mutual truce.

Realms are neutral ground, so Yatagarasu and Phantom Society pretend they don't see each other there. It's the perfect place to gear up for battle and gather intel.

Demon Fusion and Growth

At Cirque du Goumaden in Roppo Relam, you can combine demons into a new one via demon fusions.


You can combine any two demons with Normal Fusions, and combine specific demons to perform Special Fusions.

You can also creat demons by setting certain search criteria and performing a Search Fusion. You can even get suggestions on what to fuse based on the demons you have on hand to perform Recommended Fusions.

Whether you want to be meticulous with your fusions or want it to be quick and easy, you can create demons based on your preferred play style.

I'm sure you'll be seing a lot of Victor at Cirque du Goumaden. Not only do your demon's stats increase as they level up, but they can also learn new skills. Once a demon acquires all of its skills, it can give you a gift as a token of appreciation. There are many types of gifts, with Mistiques being particularly special among them.


Mistiques are items that can be quipped onto COMPs for various effects. They can increase the potentcy of affinity attack skills, reduce MP cost, enable the usage of certain skills, and provide various other effects. The kind of Mistique you can be gifted depends on the demon, so try leveling up many different demons.

The video also goes a little bit more into Ringo's perspective of Saizo, the third Devil Summoner to join her in her endeavor.

Soul Hackers 2 is set to release on August 26 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. For more information you can check out: