Final Fantasy XV hits 10 million copies sold

All eyes might be on the next entry in the series, but Final Fantasy XV is still trucking - and Square Enix has just quietly confirmed that the game has now sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

The milestone was announced in a tweet to the official Japanse FF15 twitter account, revealing "cumulative worldwide sales of 10 million units", and thanking fans for their support. [Update: Square Enix has also shared the milestone on the English language Final Fantasy account].

10 million is a significan milestone for any Final Fantasy release - only a handful of entries in the series have ever crossed into the double-digit millions, including Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XIV, and of course Final Fantasy VII - though it's getting more difficult to track these days, as Square Enix doesn't often update the sales figures for older games, even as they're repeatedly re-released.

Regardless of the performance of other entries in the series, this is a major moment for FF15 - and a huge success for a game that positioned itself as a Final Fantasy for fans and newcomers alike. FF15 has seen its share of criticism but also enjoyed solid success - in a 2018 fan poll RPG Site held for FF's 30th anniversary, thousands of fans voted for FF15, placing it as the fifth-best FF in the ranking. We plan to re-poll next year - so it'll be interesting to see where it ranks years later.

The adventures of Noctis and crew remain old news, however - Clive, lead character of Final Fantasy XVI, is the new king. Fans await more information on that game with bated breath... but we might not be waiting that much longer