Fate/Grand Order English adds Servant Coins, Append Skills, Push! Servant system, and increased QP Limit early

Developer Lasengle and publisher Aniplex USA announced that the English version of Fate/Grand Order will be receiving a lot of significant updates on May 23, including Servant Coins, Append Skills, the Push! Servant system, and raising the upper limit of QP, the in-game currency. Many of these updates were barely implemented into the Japanese release of Fate/Grand Order last August in its 6th anniversary update. In contrast, the English release will be reaching its 5th anniversary next month, so it has received these updates quite early.

F/GO Part 2 Director Kanou Yoshiki revealed all of this in a new Developer's Diary video.

The Servant Coin is a new character-exclusive currency that players can collect as they pull characters. Each Servant Coin is unique to each character, so every single Servant possesses their own, individual Servant Coin pool. The coins are collected by either obtaining a copy of the Servant upon summoning them in the gacha, increasing the Servant's Bond levels, and limited-time events. Players receive an initial, retroactive batch of Servant Coins depending on which characters they have collected, how many duplicates of each character they have received, and the Bond levels they have already attained witch each of them.

They serve as one of the primary currencies to further upgrade characters. These can be utilized to gradually increase the previous level 100 cap up to the new level 120 cap, along with Holy Grails and QP.


Servant Coins can also be used to unlock Append Skills, which are three new additional passive skills that can be added to each character. They are standardized across the entire cast. Players can choose the order in which to unlock them; they do not need to be unlocked sequentially.

The first Append Skill improves the Extra Attack characters can deal; Extra Attacks are initiated when a player matches up three attack cards of the same character in combat.

Everyone's second Append Skill allows them to begin the battle with their Noble Phantasm gauge partially charged from the get-go. Fully maxing this Append Skill has them enter combat with 20% of their NP charged already, which expands and redefines the dynamic of many party compositions focused on firing off these ultimate attacks as quickly and efficently as possible.

Lastly, the third Append Skill is a toss-up between two passive modifiers that does vary from character to character. A Servant's last Append Skill is either increasing a character's Special Attack against a specific Class or boosting the resistance against incoming Critical Attacks from a specific Class. The latter is usually for Berserker-class Servants that are effective against all other Classes at the cost of also taking increased damage from every Class, including themselves.


One of the mysteries surrounding this update coming to the English release early is how enhancing Append Skills will work. Several characters' Append Skills require materials that have yet to be introduced in the Fate/GO English, because it has not received those main story chapters at this time.

Another feature that the upcoming Fate/Grand Order English update will introduce is the Push! Servant system. All this does is let players place a distinct mark on their favorite character which will be displayed to their in-game friends.

The previous QP cap maxed out at 999,999,999. Now, the QP cap will be raised to an astounding 2,000,000,000.


Director Yoshiki unveiled one final tidbit in the Developer Diary. A total of 62 Servants are receiving full-screen display updates for their Noble Phantasm attack animations. Some of them include Francis Drake, Penthesilea, Emiya, Arthur Pendragon (Prototype), Mysterious Heroine X (Alter), and Leonardo Da Vinci.