Story-Driven Adventure RPG Meg's Monster revealed at Indie Live Expo 2022

Developer Odencat revealed their newest game at Indie Live Expo 2022, Meg's Monster. It is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam) some time in Fall 2022. The indie studio recently released another adventure RPG, Bear's Restaurant, last October on Switch and Steam too..

In Meg's Monster, players take control of a nearly invulnerable monster named Roy. He starts with 99,999 HP and has the power to drive back any threat. Roy accompanies a mysterious young girl named Meg. She is lost and when she cries, the entire world is in peril.

Meg's tears have the power to summon the apocalypse.

Throughout Meg's Monster, the biggest threat isn't if foes can topple Roy. Rather, can Roy keep Meg from crying as he fights? If Meg starts to cry, Roy and his enemies will have bigger problems to worry about. Players venture with Roy and Meg as they begin a journey to find her mother.

Check out the announcement trailer and first screenshots down below.

Welcome to the Underworld—a land of monsters and mutants who eat humans for breakfast.

One such monster—a hulking ogre by the name of Roy—has no interest in eating humans. But one day, he and his best friend Golan stumble upon a lost little girl named Meg, and discover something truly terrifying: the moment she starts wailing in fear, a blood-red hue washes over the sky, and the earth itself begins to tremble and quake.

That’s right: this small girl’s tears hold the power to bring forth the apocalypse—and the only way to stop it is for them to help find her mother so she can make it safely back home.

Meg’s Monster is a short, story-driven JRPG with a big twist. Players control Roy, who begins the game with 99,999 HP and is virtually untouchable—but the real concern is keeping Meg safe, because if she starts crying, it’s game over for everyone. Players will have to master the unique mechanics and mini-games baked into each battle, all while protecting Meg and using her favorite toys to keep her pacified.

Over the course of their journey together, Roy and Meg will encounter a host of quirky and colorful characters, all lovingly rendered in Odencat’s trademark vibrant pixel aesthetic that makes even scary monsters look cute. There’s plenty of drama and intrigue to be found here—and even previously defeated enemies can be befriended through optional sub-events.

What begins as a relatively simple and heartwarming story about two unlikely friends ultimately expands into something much greater, as Roy and Meg slowly begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Underworld and themselves. The result is an emotional journey that, like any good storybook, will remain in your heart for years to come.

Meg's Monster
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