Astlibra Revision is a medieval sidescroller RPG set to release for Steam in 2022

The 5th annual Indie Live Expo took place this past weekend, featuring hundreds of games from developers across the world. We here at RPG Site decided to quickly spotlight some of the RPGs shown in the stream.

Astlibra Revision is a medieval sidescroller RPG developed by Keizo and published by WhisperGames, set to releaseĀ for PC (Steam) in 2022. It is called 'revision' because the game is actually a full version of the developer's original Astlibra title, an unfinished RPG released as a browser game in 2011.

A gameplay video, description, and screenshot set can be found below via WhisperGames. The official website is here.

What is Astlibra Revision?

It is the full-length version of Astlibra, a side-scrolling action RPG, with newly updated mechanics and content. Get ready for all-new skills, additional dungeons, and more mysterious secrets!

In addition to the new content, the existing game has received a further, beautiful layer of polish. DX Library developer, Takumi Yamada, has brought high-resolution, widescreen graphics into the fray, while graphic designer Shigatake and illustrator Haku Tatsufuchi deliver stunning character and monster art refinements.

Character controls, core mechanics, Event Skip, KARON My Set, music loop specs, and direct synthesis from recipes have also been redesigned. And now, with multilingual support, Astlibra can be enjoyed by entirely new audiences across the world!


A young man, knocked unconscious while escaping his hometown amid a terrifying demon attack, awakens to find himself separated from his childhood friend in a world where all humans have vanished. With only a talking bird for company, tracking down his missing companion and rediscovering his lost homeland will be no easy task. Experience the adventures of this young hero, who, buffeted by time and fate, reveals what it means to face your challenges with courage and kindness.


  • Side-scrolling action: Beautiful scenery and a meticulously crafted world set the scene for this action-packed RPG, which offers the thrill of taking on enemies with only a few buttons at your fingertips.
  • Enhance your Character: Collect coins and Force energy to unlock new skills and equipment to develop your character into the ultimate warrior, ready to take on whatever adventures are thrown at you! Slaughter demons to discover rare treasures, providing astonishing abilities to aid in your quest.
  • Role-Playing: Told in chapters, the complex story unfolds gradually with a range of characters to meet and bid farewell. Can you solve the mysteries and uncover the hidden truths this strange land holds within its grip?
  • Bosses: You will need to take advantage of all your acquired enhancements and skills to take on the giant bosses that make Astlibra's story so rich and colorful.
Astlibra Revision