Dragon Quest Treasures receives a new Teaser Trailer showcasing new footage and that more is to come in June

Square Enix shared a brief new teaser trailer for Dragon Quest Treasures as part of its celebration in commemorating the 36th anniversary of the Dragon Quest series. The trailer shows brand-new footage of Erik and Mia embarking on their next big adventure.

The trailer also unveiled the title's Japanese subtitle, Aoki Hitomi to Oozora no Rashinban. It concludes with a June 2022 date of when more information about Dragon Quest Treasures will be coming, though no specific date in June was shown off.

As we noted in our initial announcement of the title, Dragon Quest Treasures seems to be the repurposed Dragon Quest Monsters title that was teased back in 2018.

Dragon Quest Treasures has yet to announce which platforms it will be launching on, though it is planned to receive a worldwide simultaneous release.

Check out the new teaser for Dragon Quest Treasures down below.