Gotham Knights explores why Nightwing fights for Gotham City in a new Character Trailer

Warner Bros. Games put out a new trailer for Gotham Knights highlighting one of its playable characters, Nightwing. The trailer was first unveiled at Summer Games Fest 2022.

Nightwing's character trailer has the hero give an internal monologue of how much Gotham City means to him and why he fights so hard to keep it safe. The trailer is mostly comprised of gameplay footage showing Nightwing in action; his flexibility allows him to fluidly move in combat encounters. Several submissions and holds allow Nightwing to take out thugs non-lethally. 

Some of his tools are given the spotlight, including a grappling hook and Flying Trapeze glider. Nightwing seems to possess a tool that allows him to blind enemies momentarily.

Gotham Knights is launching on October 25 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam, Epic). Its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were recently cancelled.

Find out more about Nightwing in his Gotham Knights character trailer below.