No Place for Bravery launches on Steam and Switch on September 22

No Place for Bravery, the "story-driven action-RPG" which was previously announced by developer Glitch Factory is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam on September 22nd. The Brazilian team has described the game as featuring "Sekiro-esque" 2D combat, with "a focus on parries" and that "making mistakes will be punishing and you'll experience a lingering sense of fragility while facing the dangers of Bravery's world".

Originally announced in 2020, a new trailer has been released to commemorate the newly-announced launch.

No Place For Bravery, the story-driven action-RPG from Glitch Factory and Ysbryd Games exploring the lengths we’d go to recapture what we hold dear, launches September 22, 2022 on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC.

Peril awaits on every path through Dewr, a harsh world of ruined beauty and violent tribes. After fighting in a cruel war beyond reckoning, the ex-soldier Thorn lays down his blood-stained arms. Resigned to a quiet life of tavern-keeping, this tortured soul ponders what all his battles were really for—until word reaches Thorn of his long-lost daughter Leaf’s reappearance.

Dewr harbors no mercy. Colossal foes and roving gangs sharpen their blades. Baptized in battle and thirsting to behead Leaf’s captors, Thorn enters the fray once more, convinced the world needs a hero.

Take up sword and shield in fast-paced, punishing combat that rewards careful dodging and smart stamina usage. React quickly to split-second lunges. Strike swiftly at momentary openings in a bandit’s defense. Gain the edge with careful-yet-decisive parries and counters inspired by Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Evade a volley of ranged attacks while cutting down the close-quarters brutes in Thorn’s way. Protect Thorn’s foster son Phid, a tagalong on the journey. Nothing will stop a parent obsessed.

Throughout Thorn’s odyssey, find new weapons and items to turn the messy throes of desperate combat into a choreographed dance. While a striking, devastated low-fantasy land begs to be explored—every hand-painted, pixel-art inch conquered—Thorn will paint the earth crimson in his wake. What guardian isn’t a malevolent beast when their children are threatened?

“The fantastical spaces of video games allow us to explore important questions about our real-life roles and responsibilities,” said Matheus Queiroz, developer at Glitch Factory. “In the exaggerated fantasy of Dewr, we can test Thorn’s role as a father against extreme conditions you can’t replicate in the real world. At those extremes, No Place for Bravery ponders the difference between a rescue mission and a vengeful crusade.”

No Place For Bravery launches September 22, 2022 on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC for $19.99, with support for English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese text at launch.