Digimon Survive new trailer introduces the Professor

Bandai Namco has published a new trailer for Digimon Survive, describing the game's background lore while introducing a new character. An unnamed Professor (voiced in Japanese by Kazuhiro Yamaji) will appear as a key character who tries to delve into the folklore behind the game's storyline.

As an associate professor in a local private college, the Professor wrote a thesis that tried to decipher folklores and mythologies in a unique way, but the academic council dismissed it as heresy. He believes that the other world's paranormal phenomena have unknown elements that surpass contemporary science, and the keys to solving them reside in ancient legend texts spread around the region.

As the only adult that gets lost in the other world, the Professor gets to oversee the kids. But he can also show up on the battlefield, and the kids' partner Digimon will have to protect him from enemy monsters instead.

We've previously detailed the rest of the game's character cast here.

The Japanese press release also revealed how the route split will take place in Digimon Survive. When the player has to choose a response during story conversations, the choice will generate a color that moves the Karma Diagram. The dominant color will determine the story route and the Digimon's evolutions.

  • Red: Morality (Vaccine-type)
  • Green: Harmony (Data-type, e.g.: Agumon digivolves to Tyrannomon)
  • Yellow: Fury (Virus-type)

Digimon Survive will have 12 story chapters in total, but there will be a route decision lock starting from Chapter 8. The press release added that there will be an additional fourth route in second and subsequent playthroughs.

Find more screenshots for Digimon Survive right below. The game will be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC via Steam on July 29.