Isometric action RPG Batora: Lost Haven gets a developer gameplay at Guerrilla Collective stream

During today's Guerrilla Collective 3 stream publisher Team17 and developer Stormind Game showcased more gameplay for Batora: Lost Haven.

Narrative Director Giacomo Masi discusses protagonist Avril and her adventure to change the destiny of the universe. Avril will visit four different worlds, one for each of the main elements, and she will be many choices that can affect the game's outcome & endings.

The game's combat is also discussed, in which Avril exhibits two varying styles. In her physical form, she uses an oversized sword to fight in melee combat. In a 'mental' form, she instead focuses on ranged projectile attacks. You'll be switching between forms regularly as your play through the game, depending on the various enemies you are facing. 

Batora was originally announced in January 2021, and since then we've seen both a Gameplay Trailer and Story Trailer for the game, as well as a feature in a recent Nintendo Indie World Showcase.

The developer video can be found below. Batora: Lost Haven is set to release this fall for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).

Step into the world of Batora: Lost Haven, as we join Stormind Games' Narrative Director on a journey through some never before seen gameplay! Looking at things like inspiration, identity and the importance of Avril's duality.