Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope releases on Nintendo Switch on October 20

During today's Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase, Ubisoft announced that Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope will be releasing on October 20th for Nintendo Switch. Following up on 2017's unlikely TRPG cross-over, Sparks of Hope offers a number of changes to the formula - including the ability to freely move within a character's range before drawing their weapon.

Today's announcements come alongside gameplay from the Nintendo Direct itself, in addition to a press release sharing some details about what players can expect in the game to come. Additionally, a Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope showcase was announced for tomorrow at 6PM ET.

Gameplay Showcase Trailer

During today’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase, Ubisoft announced that Mario + Rabbids® Sparks of Hope will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch™ on October 20, 2022, and is available to preorder. Bowser will join returning favorites Rabbid Peach, Luigi, Rabbid Mario and Princess Peach to form a motley team and prevent Cursa, a malevolent cosmic entity, from plunging the galaxy into chaos. Tune into the Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Showcase tomorrow at 9AM PT on to discover even more about the game.

Mixing turn-based tactics and real time action, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope’s innovative combat system will have players use their Heroes to dash at enemies, team jump on allies, hide behind covers, or take advantage of their special abilities in order to get the most out of every turn.  With its innovative gameplay, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope will be a fun tactical adventure for new players and experts of the genre alike.

Determined to consume all the energy in the galaxy, Cursa and its minions are hunting the Sparks, uncanny creatures formed by the fusion of Lumas & Rabbids, and will destroy all who stand in its way. Players will have to locate and save the Sparks to have them join the adventure, opening up new tactical possibilities to help Heroes get the upper hand in battles. In addition to leveling up and customizing their Heroes, players will have the opportunity to pair them with Sparks to unlock additional abilities! They all have a distinct power and personality, ranging from energy shields to powerful elemental attacks.

As they embark on an epic journey through the galaxy, players will get to explore a variety of planets, meet their curious inhabitants and complete one-of-a-kind quests to free them from Cursa’s evil influence. Familiar enemies from the Nintendo universe, exceptional Rabbids enemies and surprising bosses will cross the Heroes’ path.

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