Square Enix unveils life simulation RPG Harvestella releasing on November 4 for Nintendo Switch and PC

Square Enix pulled back the curtain on Harvestella, a new life simulation RPG first announced at today's Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase. The title was initially announced for Nintendo Switch at the event, but it was later revealed that it will be coming to PC (Steam) as well. Harvestella is launching on November 4. Some of the key staff shared in the game's announcement was that Isamu Kamikokuryo from Final Fantasy XII was in charge of its concept art and Go Shiina from the Tales series is in charge of its music.

Take a first look at Harvestella with its English and Japanese trailers.



Harvestella has players take control of a protagonist that lives out their life in a village. People can select the gender and appearance of Harvestella's protagonist as they start the game. They can raise crops through farming and gather ingredients through tending to livestock or fishing for cooking. There are even dungeons to explore that the protagonist can tackle with a party member. Get to know the locals and see what they are up to in their daily lives; take it slow and easy... until the seasons pass.

Harvested crops from farming can be sold or used as cooking ingredients. Meals and crafted goods result in various consumable items that can recover HP or provide status boosts. Socializing with other characters in the game can lead to quests and even character stories as players get closer to specific people. New characters can be met in new places as players discover new places in the overworld; there is even a submarine that lets players explore even further at a certain point.


As people engage in combat through Harvestella, they can work with a party member to execute joint attacks. There are three jobs that players can choose to customize their playstyle: Fighter, Mage, and Shadow Walker. Fighters wield a sword to engage enemies, Mages rely on long-range magical attacks to target elemental weaknesses, and Shadow Walkers can enhance themselves as they take up twin blades to deal devastating damage to foes.

The Seaslight, comprised of four giant crystals, govern the seasons in Harvestella. As the seasons change every 30 days though, a "season of death" occurs. In between Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, the season of Quietus arrives. Crops wither and people lock up from the outside world to prevent coming into contact with a deadly dust that the Seaslight produces through an enigmatic light. Players are tasked with finding out the truth behind this mysterious Quietus phenomenon as they live out their life in Harvestella.

Harvestella releases for the Nintendo Switch and PC on November 4. Find out more about the first details characters revealed down below, along with its first screenshots and artwork in their galleries.


Our story takes place on a planet where four giant crystals exist, known as the Seaslight.

The Seaslight govern the seasons, and all life receives their blessings.

Yet, catching everyone unaware, the Seaslight start behaving abnormally.

As the seasons change, "Quietus" begins to visit in the interim between seasons.
Quietus - the season of death.

The Seaslight glow with a strange light, emitting vast quantities of dust formed of light that threatens all life.
Crops wither and people cannot even walk outside.

During one particular Quietus, a traveler collapses in an isolated village - our

Upon their meeting with a certain girl, a new adventure stirs.

...The girl pronounces,
"I think I came here from the future..."

Her name is Aria, and she is researching the mysteries of Quietus.

Thus, our protagonist and Aria take their first steps on their shared journey that will lead to the very truth of this world.

About Harvestella

Harvestella is a Life Simulation RPG where you can enjoy daily life, socializing, and adventuring in the fantasy world, resplendent in the four seasons.

Daily Life: Enjoy the slow life - grow crops to harvest or use as ingredients in cooking, raise livestock, or go fishing.
Socializing: Explore a town where cherry blossoms flutter in the air all year round. A town with a bustling bar, and a village with the beautiful colors of the four seasons. In the snow-covered capital, a variety of residents are waiting to meet you!
Adventure: Monsters will block your path in dungeons. Make full use of Jobs and skills and clear the dungeons alongside your party.

Time passes each day, from morning to midnight. You are free to carry out daily activities, socialize, or go adventuring as you please. The seasons change every 30 days, from Spring to Summer to Autumn to Winter, and the crops you can grow will change with each season.


During Quietus, the season that visits as seasons shift, crops wither and the dust of death prevents people from walking around outside.


Meet the Characters in Harvestella

The Protagonist

  • Occupation: Traveler

This is who you control - you can choose your gender / appearance at the start of the game.

You were saved by the village doctor after collapsing during Quietus and have lived near the village ever since.


  • Occupation: Scientist

This girl who has traveled to the past, due to some kind of accident.

She ends up living in your home, while she searches for a way to return to her own time and delves into the mysteries of Quietus.


  • Occupation: Argus Brigade

This young man lives in a town near the Spring Seaslight. He grew up in the town orphanage, and now is part of the Argus Brigade.

Thanks to his straightforward and honest personality, the townspeople place their trust in him.


  • Occupation: Missionary

Shrika’s a missionary of the Seaslight Order - as the name implies, they worship the Seaslight.

She fights with blades of light that fly through the air, and travels from place to place, resolving various incidents.

Daily Life


In your fields, you can grow vegetables, grains, and fruits that correspond to the season. Once you've harvested your crops, you can sell them for money or use them as ingredients in cooking.

Shipping Box

Cooking and Crafting

At home, you can craft and cook items that you'll need on your adventure. The food you cook can provide myriad benefits, including restoring HP, and some recipes even grant status boosts!



You'll receive useful rewards by clearing quests given by townspeople, whether money or items. As you complete character stories, you can become closer to them.

Character Stories



On the overworld, there are various towns and dungeons, vibrantly depicting the four seasons. Expect to meet new characters in towns and fearsome enemies in dungeons. By obtaining a submarine, you'll be able to explore some parts of the ocean.



Overcome battles by using joint attacks with party members and switching instantly between a wide variety of Jobs. Hit the enemy's weaknesses to deal great amounts of damage.

Joint Attacks


Each job has a unique weapon and characteristic skills. Jobs have different attack styles, such as physical or magical.

Fighter: A physical attacker who can unleash swift sword techniques. Can handle multiple enemies at once by using single target and ranged attack skills.
Shadowalker: A physical attacker who deals mortal injury with twin blades. Can enhance their own attacks and deal huge damage with hard-hitting skills.
Mage: A job that excels at long-range magical attacks. Since Mages utilize multiple elements, they can deal huge damage by skillfully targeting the enemy's weaknesses
Harvestella Screenshots
Harvestella Artwork