New Story Details, Gameplay and more for Tower of Fantasy released as game hits 1 Million Sign-Ups

Developer Hotta Studio and Publisher Level Infinite have released yet another slew of information for the upcoming shared open-world RPG Tower of Fantasy, including a number of trailers going over the game's story, action gameplay, and more. The game is currently scheduled for a release later this year for mobile devices and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Worldview Trailer

The first trailer is in celebration of the game reaching over 1 Million registrations, and details some of the game's story.

Tower of Fantasy is set on the lush and habitable alien world of Aida, where mankind has escaped due to dwindling resources and a lack of energy on the Earth to rebuild society. Once on Aida, humanity discovered an unknown but powerful energy called "Omnium" contained within comet Mara. They built the Omnium Tower to capture Mara, but due to Omnium radiation, a catastrophic disaster occurred on this new homeworld.

This devastated, post-catastrophe world of Aida is the backdrop for this short film, which begins to tell us the story of the strong sister-brother relationship between Zeke and Shirli, two characters who are central to the action in Tower of Fantasy.

As the trailer opens, the power Shirli unleashed in battle causes her suppressor to overload and burn out. Without it, Shirli's condition takes a drastic turn for the worse, meaning she may succumb at any time, turning her into a monster. Shirli, not wanting to hurt anyone, asks her brother Zeke to end her life. But a conflicted Zeke cannot bring himself to do that, ultimately choosing to seek help from the Heirs of Aida - who oppose Hykros, and wish to destroy the tower and stop the influx of Omnium - taking Shirli out of the shelter with him and turning her into a merciless killing machine, Nemesis….

Players will explore the deep and compelling storyline of Tower of Fantasy by freely exploring the gorgeous anime-inspired sci-fi open world of Aida, completing quests, mini games, and other activities including: 

  • Primary and Secondary Quests - Players will find objectives through an innovative in-world guidance system that lets them track multiple objectives at once through well-marked overlay graphics

  • Exploration - Lots of hidden areas and  NPCS  will be available for players to interact with and discover. Who can find the hidden soccer field, or have fun at the carnival-like Cetus island? Six huge regions await your discovery

  • Cooking - Players can craft all kinds of food items that exist as health and powerups in the game in an adorable mechanized rice cooker 

Battle Trailer

Additionally, another trailer was released last week, showcasing some gameplay using various weapon types.

One of Tower of Fantasy’s most compelling features is its weapons, which can be transformed through upgrades and come in a variety of rarities, with increasing attributes. Each weapon has four types of skills: general attack, dodge, weapon-specific, and combination. General attack skills are further divided into special stage attacks and stalls. Currently there are twelve weapon types in the game, with three equippable at any time.

Each of these weapons has different effects when used in battle: 

  • Combination Attack: When the target of an attack is fully charged, switching weapons can trigger a combo attack.

  • Phantom Time: Dodge before the monster hits to trigger Phantom Time, and build up the weapon’s original energy. Switching weapons will trigger the combo attack.

  • Elemental Restraint: Monsters have unique weaknesses, triggering the correct elemental attack to deal more damage.

  • Non-Attribute Shield: This shield has no elemental resistance, no elemental damage reduction effect, and is recommended to use together with monster weakness weapons.

  • Physical Shield: The Cyan Physical Shield is significantly less likely to be broken by physical weapons when subjected to shield breakage. Elemental weapons can exploit their weaknesses. 

Character Trailer

Finally, the most recent trailer goes over some of the characters that players will get to know in the game, which was released earlier today.

Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world RPG featuring a vibrant, anime-inspired art style and exhilarating sci-fi setting and story. This new trailer showcases each of the playable character's unique weapons and movesets, imaginative mounts, and artistic character designs as they move throughout the world of Aida. 

Characters featured in the trailer: 

  • Meryl - A senior Hykros executor who excels at S-level missions with her sword and combat skills,she adopts a cool approach and it’s hard to know what’s really on her mind.

  • Shiro - Known as “a lone-wolf ocean maniac” who is passionate about studying the ocean and its features, Shiro has been traveling alone and studying the ocean distribution for several years and contributes significantly to humankind’s understanding of Aida.

  • Samir - A Hykros executor who acts independently and loves to play harmless tricks on others, she is quite liked among the elite executors.

  • King - Used to solving problems and getting what he wants through violence, King is completely motivated by money; and his brash attitude and flamboyant clothes are strong indicators of his personality. 

  • Crow - His optimistic and happy nature means that no fun things escape Crow’s reach. He can show you some mesmerizing dagger tricks, his pride-and-joy dagger collection, or spit out a lame joke at a moment's notice. 

  • Zero - A computer genius who has deliberately - and effectively - destroyed all records of his real name and past. He is smart, very competitive, and ignores anything he sees as meaningless to him. 

  • Cocoritter - Her unconditional trust in everyone she meets can lead to concern. But existing with that innocence is her determination to save more people with her healing talents. 

  • Nemesis - After undergoing modifications by the Heirs of Aida, Shirli is transformed into the Angel of Clemency known as Nemesis. Usually quiet and introverted, she turns into a merciless killing machine when under the Heirs’ mind control.