Sword and Fairy: Together Forever puts the spotlight on Heroes and Villains in a new trailer

Developer Softstar Technology (Beijing) and publisher Eastasiasoft released a new Sword and Fairy: Together Forever trailer highlighting several heroes and villains throughout the game.

The new trailer starts off with a glimpse of a fearsome enemy that the heroes will encounter on their journey. Then a few clips of some visually interesting narrative beats a shared, including interacting with a mythical creature surrounded by fire in the woods. To contrast that hot environment, it cuts to a tiger-like animal roaring loudly in a snowy environment.

Placing the focus on characters again, an individual opens a mysterious container that spews forth dark energy. A figure clad in red armor and huge shoulder pauldrons makes an appearance with his horns. Another small sequence has an enemy prey upon a sleeping woman and her child, but is stopped right as she reaches them. To conclude the new 'Heroes & Villains' trailer, the game's heroes find themselves in a circular arena surrounded by flames; they also seem to be trapped inside a field of dark energy too. For a look at its battle system in action, a combat trailer was released a few weeks ago.

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever releases on on August 4 to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Gaze upon the new 'Heroes & Villains' trailer down below.

Sword and Fairy: Together Forever weaves a tale with memorable characters who have their own unique motivations and personalities. Between the clans of humans, deities and demons on the brink of war, heroism and villainy are often a matter of perspective rather than black-and-white morality. Not every hero is selfless, and not every villain is purely evil. It’s up to young deity Xiu Wu, human swordswoman Yue Qingshu and their newfound allies to fight for what they believe and find a way to prevent open war between the realms, to protect peace and shape the world’s future for the greater good despite their differences.