'Punishing Action RPG' Thymesia is pushed back again to August 18

OverBorder Studio and Team17 have delayed the release date again of Thymesia back a few days to August 18. Last time, the game was scheduled to release on August 9. This is the second delay for the 'punishing action RPG', since its first original release date was for December 7, 2021.

The developer and publisher cited that they are "listening to the community feedback from the recent Steam demo" when explaining the game's small delay. They mention that the extra days will allow them to make Thymesia "the best experience possible" at launch.


Since its initial release date announcement in early May, OverBorder Studio and Team17 have shared a few videos taking a look at the Feathers and Claw mechanics.

They also detailed some of the changes coming to the final game based on demo feedback in late May.

Our team had a meeting right after the event and here’s a list of things we will change:

  • Shorten the wind-up animations between saber attacks
  • Shorten the wind-up animations between deflecting and dodging
  • Extend the i-frame for deflecting and dodging
  • Significantly increase the flying speed of feathers and extend the window for interrupting enemy critical attacks

Thymesia is now set to to release on August 18 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam).