Gotham Knights has Red Hood come back from the grave delivering justice to Gotham's streets in his Character Trailer

Warner Bros. Games delivers the character trailer of the last playable main character in Gotham Knights with a resurrected Red Hood.

Once dead and now brought back to life in Gotham Knights, Red Hood is now a changed man and can harness a mysterious, destructive green energy as a side effect of his resurrection. Armed with his trusty dual pistols, players that play Red Hood can expect a brutal, powerful playstyle inspired by gun kata sequences in cinema.

While Red Hood can certainly opt for a distant approach, he seems to prefer going into the fray and dishing out brutal blows; his pistols aren't just for shooting, but are also utilized as melee weapons. His newfound green energy can be infused into his pistol bullets to fire off enhanced shots. In the trailer, one of these shots emits a bright green fireball that ricochets through multiple opponents. The green energy allows him to jump again in mid-air as well.

Red Hood has a tool to get in-and-out easily too. He can throw down a pair of explosives and jump back immediately to ambush groups of foes quickly with a nasty surprise.

Gotham Knights launches on October 25 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Steam, Epic). Its PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions were previously cancelled.

Witness the fury of Red Hood's fighting style in his character trailer down below.