Monster Hunter Rise reaches 11 million units sold, Sunbreak surpasses 4 million

Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has surpassed 4 million units sold worldwide. Additionally, the company also revealed that the base Monster Hunter Rise has sold over 11 million units, which also includes sales of bundles that include the expansion. That means over one-third of Monster Hunter Rise buyers also gained access to Sunbreak.

Rise's new figure puts it halfway through the record-setting Monster Hunter World. The previous entry was released on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and Capcom recorded over 20 million units sold as of October 2021—which consists of over 17 million units from the base game and approximately 3 million more from the Iceborne Master Edition bundle. The latest figures as of June 2022 put the base World sales at 18.3 million units.

Monster Hunter Rise and its Sunbreak expansion are currently available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. You can also read our review and guides for the newer Sunbreak expansion.