Disgaea 7 announced for January 26 release in Japan on PlayStation 4, 5 and Nintendo Switch

Nippon-Ichi Software announced today that the latest entry in the Disgaea series, Disgaea 7, will release next year for Japanese audiences on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Following up on Disgaea 6's first fully 3D outing for the series, Disgaea 7 continues along the same path while offering a brand new aesthetic for the series with a new Japanese-style Netherworld set as the stage for this new entry.

Taking place in Hinomoto, the dual protagonists of the wandering samurai Fuji and Piririka - a young woman from another Netherworld with an obsession for Hinomoto's once-prized Bushido - set off to take back Hinomoto from Demon Admiral Opener and his Navy. Including our main characters of Fuji and Piririka, NIS has detailed the game's cast:

Fuji (VA: Kaito Ishikawa)


Piririka (VA: Hiyori Nitta)


Ao (VA: Riona Imaizumi)


Weiyasu (VA: Takuma Terashima)

Shifo (VA: Rina Kitakawa)

Suisen (VA: Maki Kawase)

and Higanzesshosai (VA: Yui Kondo)

Alongside the main duo of Fuji and Piririka, and some of the other characters in the game, NIS also detailed a number of other enemies and allies players will come to know - as well as a number of new mechanics being added to the series with Disgaea 7. Namely, Dodeka MAX - the ability for characters to take on a kaiju-like scale during battles - and Item Reincarnation, which allows players to strengthen weapons and offer them new and unique attributes, including weapons that you can eat to heal you or boost your stats.


Additionally, Disgaea 7 will have the highest number of generic characters to date at 45 people. Quality-of-life features from the preceding Disgaea 6, such as Auto Battle and AI Edit, will return here. The new game will also have quasi-onlineĀ Ranked Battles, where players upload their teams with self-designed AI and pit them against each other.

Although Disgaea 7's localization is only a matter of time, NIS America has yet to formally announce when the company plans to bring the title over to western shores. We'll likely learn more about their plans to localize the title closer to, or following, the game's Japanese launch early next year.

Disgaea 7