Roadwarden launches today on PC

Moral Anxiety Studio and Assemble Entertainment have released their illustrated text-based RPG Roadwarden on PC (Steam). A demo for Roadwarden is available for players to try out as well.

Roadwarden was originally supposed to launch on September 8, but a last-minute delay pushed it back to September 12.

Fans of choose-your-own-adventure text-based RPGs may be interested in Roadwarden. It is a modern take on the formula as it segments the UI into three-distinct sections. The left features an illustration of the area the player is in, the center features all the text for story and decisions, while the right has all relevant gameplay stats that players will want to keep an eye on.

A brief release trailer for Roadwarden was shared showing off some more bits of gameplay and a teaser for its story premise.

Roadwarden is an illustrated text-based RPG that uses isometric pixel art and combines mechanics borrowed from RPGs, Visual Novels, adventure games and interactive fiction.