Octopath Traveler II details the battle system, Hikari the Warrior, and Agnea the Dancer

Following its reveal yesterday during the September 2022 Nintendo Direct presentation, Square Enix has shared more information and screenshots for Octopath Traveler II, detailing the game's structure, battle system, as well as the first two of eight travelers - Hikari Ku and Agnea Bristami.

The details can be found below via Square Enix, with more screenshots in the gallery. Octopath Traveler II is set to release on February 24, 2023, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).

Octopath Traveler II

This game is a brand-new entry in the OCTOPATH TRAVELER series, the first installment of which was initially released in 2018 and sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

It takes the series’ HD-2D graphics, a fusion of retro pixel art and 3DCG, to even greater heights. In the world of Solistia, eight new travelers venture forth into an exciting new era.

Where will you go? What will you do?
Whose tale will you bring to life?
Every path is yours to take.
Embark on an adventure all your own


  1. Begin your adventure as one of eight new travelers, each with their own origins, motivations, and unique skills.
  2. The series’ HD-2D graphics, a fusion of retro pixel art and 3DCG, have reached even greater heights.
  3. The story takes place in Solistia, where diverse cultures thrive from east to west and the industries of the new era flourish. You can sail the seas and explore every corner of a world that changes from day to night.
  4. Each traveler has a unique set of Path Actions they can use to battle townspeople, obtain items, take others along in their travels, and more. Where will you go? What will you do? Every path is yours to take.
  5. Familiar mechanics from the original game have been preserved, like the freedom to develop your travelers’ jobs and skills, as well as the Break and Boost system that made battles so exhilarating. New mechanics have also been added.

Advances in HD-2D

  • The first installment's popular HD-2D graphics—a fusion of retro pixel art and 3DCG—have been enhanced with greater detail, beauty, and unique camerawork in this game.
  • Characters' proportions have been improved, and they can express their emotions more vividly than before with the use of additional gestures.
  • Previously players could only look down from above, but this dynamic new camera style will enhance the way they experience battles and events.

New World, New Tales

  • The story takes place in Solistia, a land comprising an eastern and western continent divided by the sea.
  • It is a bustling era, wherein large vessels navigate busy sea routes and the power of steam gives birth to new technologies.
  • Some people thrill to glamorous stars of the stage and industry, while others are brought to tears by war, plague, and poverty.
  • In this faraway realm, eight travelers hailing from different regions venture forth for their own reasons. Step into their shoes and explore the land as you see fit.

Embarking on Adventure


This installment takes place in a different world and era from the first installment and stars a new group of travelers.

  • Select one of eight unique protagonists to begin their journey.
  • Cross paths with other heroes and add them to your party
  • Play through the stories of the other travelers after recruiting them

Tales of Two


This installment includes “Crossed Paths”— stories featuring two travelers.

  • Embark on a new adventure with two protagonists.

A World that Changes from Day to Night

  • Day and night have been added in this installment.
  • Towns will change between day and night, as will the placement and reactions of the people within them.
  • Previously, each protagonist had a single Path Action at their disposal. In this game, Path Actions vary between day and night, allowing players greater freedom when interacting with people in the world of Solistia.
  • Swap between day and night at any time with the touch of a button. Players can freely experiment with Path Actions.

Characters - Hikari Ku


“I pray for a world without conflict. Without bloodshed.”

JP Voice: Yōji Matsuda
EN Voice: Howard Wang

Your name is Hikari, and you are a warrior. Your tale begins in the desert region of Hinoeuma. You are the younger prince of Ku, a nation ever at war, and worry for your people who have suffered greatly from the ceaseless battles. Hoping to bring peace to your nation, you strike out on a journey for your like-minded allies...

Characters in Hikari's Tale

  • General Mugen (JP: Tsuyoshi Koyama ; EN: Jason Marnocha): A prince of Ku and Hikari’s older half-brother. He is a cool-headed and powerful warrior who seeks strength for his nation and believes that might makes right. Also known as the “Scarlet Demon of Ku.
  • Ritsu (JP: Yū Hayashi ; EN: Phillip Reich): A lowborn warrior and Hikari’s rival. They are both training partners and stalwart allies on the field of battle. General Mugen JP: Tsuyoshi Koyama EN: Jason Marnocha A prince of Ku and Hikari’s older half-brother. He is a cool-headed and powerful warrior who seeks strength for his nation and believes that might makes
  • Rai Mei (JP: Mie Sonozaki ; EN: Katelyn Gault): Lord of House Mei, a small clan that has sworn fealty to Ku. She proudly wields the Spear of Levin as she fights side by side with Hikari.
  • Kazan (JP: Tomokazu Sugita EN: Edward Bosco): A famous tactician known as the Eagle of Ku. The desert nation has seen many victories under his leadership. He is regrettably fond of drinking and gambling.

Hikari's Adventure Beings in Hinoeuma


A sprawling desert region in southwestern Solistia. The rivers to the north and south of this semi-arid area allow the growth of wheat and corn. It is famed as a place where the legend of the conjurer god, Priestess Hinoekagura, lives on. The name Hinoeuma is said to have derived from her name. There have been countless conflicts over the scarce water and resources since ancient times, and many nations have fallen in the process. Nations in this region have extremely short names, like Ku or U. According to one theory, this is to prevent sand from getting in your mouth as it would with long names, but the truth is not known for certain.

Hikari's Path Actions

  • Challenge (Day): Challenge someone to a duel. Your level must be high enough to fight them. Hikari must be the appropriate level to fight strong opponents.
  • Bribe (Night): Bribe Pay for information. You must have enough money to bribe someone.

Hikari's Talent - Learned Skills


Challenge townspeople to duels and claim victory to learn skills. Leverage these skills strategically in battle to surpass the limits of a warrior.

  • Learn a variety of skills from townspeople.
  • Harness a range of elemental skills that other warriors cannot.

Characters - Agnea Bristarni


“I’m going to become a star and bring smiles to people's faces. Just like Mama."

JP Voice: Inori Minase
EN Voice: Xanthe Huynh

Your name is Agnea Bristarni, and you are a dancer. Your tale begins in the verdant region of the Leaflands. Though a tavern dancer in a small village, you have big dreams for the future. With hope in your heart and a spring in your step, you begin your journey to stardom...

Characters in Agnea's Tale

  • Pala (JP: Tomoyo Takayanagi ; EN: Brenna Larsen): Agnea’s perceptive younger sister. She calls her big sister “Agnie” and supports her dream with all her heart.
  • Dolcinaea (JP: Satomi Arai ; EN: AmaLee): A dancer who attained worldwide fame as a superstar. She practices every single day and takes pride in how far her effort has brought her. Although she appears conceited on the surface, she possesses a kind heart.

Agnea's Adventure begins in The Leaflands


A region surrounded by verdant forests in western Solistia. It is home to the small lakeside kingdom of Timberain where industries such as forestry, agriculture, and paper manufacturing thrive, making use of the area’s abundant natural resources. The rural village of Cropdale is known to have the best raspberries and peaches around, and is famed for its raspberry pies. The southern town of Wellgrove prospers from trade with the resource-poor desert region, but the disparity between rich and poor often leads to conflicts, and disputes along the southern border continue without end.

Agnea's Path Actions

  • Allure (Day): Bring people along on your journey (with a given probability). Summon them for support in battle.
  • Entreat (Night): Obtain items from people. You must be the appropriate level to succeed. Agnea must be the appropriate level to successfully Entreat for items.

Agnea's Talent - Dance Session


Agnea’s dancing can trigger a variety of effects depending on who her allured companion is. 

  • Agnea’s dancing can aid allies in various ways.
  • Agnea can trigger additional effects with the help of her allured companions.

Battle System

Classic command-based clashes combine with the unique Break & Boost system for more strategic battles.



Assailing a foe’s weaknesses will reduce their Shield Points to 0 and leave them vulnerable. Broken foes will be temporarily defenseless and unable to act, providing a perfect opening to attack or heal.

  • Reduce Shield Points by exploiting an enemy’s weaknesses.
  • Break foes by reducing their Shield Points to 0, then utilize powerful attacks to take them down.



Accumulate BP (Boost Points) every turn, then use them to augment actions. BP can increase the number of attacks dealt, the damage inflicted, the duration of support effects, the potency of healing skills, and more. Players must choose wisely whether to use them for offense or defense.

  • Accumulate 1 BP per turn. You can use up to 3 at once to bolster actions.
  • Use 1 BP at a time or store up your points for an all-out attack. The choice is yours.

Special Action - Latent Power

The latent power gauge will gradually fill when taking damage or breaking foes. Each latent power is different and can be used to turn the tide of battle.

  • Hikari: Shadow’s Hold - Unleash the darkness within to gain access to special skills.
  • Agnea: All Together Now - Extend the reach of skills to all.

Octopath Traveler II Screenshots