SD Gundam Battle Alliance remaining DLC will feature Moon Gundam and Hathaway

Bandai Namco has revealed the remaining DLC content for SD Gundam Battle Alliance at their Gundam game stream during Tokyo Game Show 2022. The second DLC wave will arrive on September 29, while the third and last one will follow later within 2022.

We've previously learned that the first DLC wave "Legend & Succession" would add the Gundam AGE-FX and Narrative Gundam. That wave is now available to download and access in the game. The stream revealed the remaining two DLC waves that are also included in the game's Season Pass. They will add 2 more titles to the overall lineup: Mobile Suit Moon Gundam and the new Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway movie.

DLC2 will add the eponymous unit from the recently-hyped Moon Gundam and the Knight Superior Dragon from the SD Gundam series. Meanwhile, DLC3 will feature the Xi Gundam and Penelope from the recent movie. The latter will also bring the first game appearance of the post-Gundam 00 movie version of Graham Aker, who has joined Celestial Being and is piloting the Gundam Exia Repair IV.

Check out more details about the new DLC right below, and find the English version of the Season Pass trailer at the bottom. SD Gundam Battle Alliance is now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

DLC2: Knights of Moon & Light  - releasing on September 29

2 new units:

  1. Moon Gundam (with pilot Jutta Qasim)
  2. Knight Superior Dragon

2 new scenarios:

  1. Evil God of the Moon (A crossover story between Moon Gundam and Gundam ZZ)
  2. Hero of Lacroa (Knight Gundam's world with G Gundam's Devil (Dark) Gundam wreaking havoc)

DLC3: Flash & Rebirth - releasing later in 2022

3 new units:

  1. Xi Gundam (with pilot Mafty Navue Erin)
  2. Penelope (with pilot Lane Aim)
  3. Gundam Exia Repair IV (with pilot Graham Aker)

2 new scenarios:

  1. Flash of Fate (White Base and the original Zeon army from the One Year War break into the Hathaway movie's first chapter)
  2. Rebirth by Destruction (An original crossover between Gundam Wing and Gundam 00)