Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 2 brings Violet Mizutsune, Flaming Espinas, Risen Chameleos, and Layered Weapons on September 29

Capcom fully unveiled what players can expect in Title Update 2 to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak at their TGS 2022 program. It will be arriving on September 29.

They previously revealed that Flaming Espinas was coming to it, but they also announced that Violet Mizutsune and Risen Chameleos are hopping along. Plus, players will finally be able to unlock Layered Weapons which allows them to transmogrify their weapons into the apperance of other weapons without altering the weapon's stats.

Unlike the regular Mizutsune, Violet Mizutsune's bubbles are "filled with a highly combustible gas" that explodes at the slightest touch. Flaming Espinas is a much more aggressive version of Espinas that fires off even deadlier fireballs much more frequently. Risen Chameleos is an Elder Dragon that overcame the affliction that the Qurio normally bring and has achieved complete symbiosis with it, which makes it one of the most fearsome monsters to ever come to Sunbreak. Hunters only need to achieve MR10 to fight Violet Mizutsune and Flaming Espinas, but the Risen Chameleos hunt requires at least MR110 to attempt it.

The long-awaited Layered Weapons feature finally comes to Sunbreak with Title Update 2. Players can now freely alter what their weapons look like without having to sacrifice their stats to achieve it. Capcom will now be including layered weapons as part of their paid DLC line-up, though like with all of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's DLC, it is all purely cosmetic only. Players will fully be able to utilize the Layered Weapons system with all existing weapons in the game without paying extra for it.

New endgame content comes in Title Update 2 as more monsters are added to the Anomaly Research Quests. The added A6 Anomaly Quests bring the Qurio affliction to Gore Magala, Espinas, Bazelguese, Pyre Rakna-Kadaki, and Rajang. Anomaly Investigations can now go up to level 120 as well. Qurious Crafting gets expanded as weapons receive new augments.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak opened the TGS2022 Capcom Online Program with a fiery new trailer of the rising threats facing Elgado Outpost, and the new tools at hunters’ disposal when Title Update 2 arrives on September 29. The previously announced return of Flaming Espinas from Monster Hunter™ Frontier sets the stage for another blazing beast’s reveal: Violet Mizutsune. This creature’s alluring bubbles are actually filled with a highly combustible gas that can turn any graceful movement into an inferno of white-hot flame. Finally, an Elder Dragon capable of overcoming the affliction has been sighted. Risen Chameleos has managed to achieve symbiosis with the Qurio, and through this diabolical union has gained incredible power and even more devious attacks. Hunters bold enough to challenge these overwhelming foes will receive materials for crafting new weapons and armor complete with new skills.

Additionally, a new tier of Anomaly Quests will be added, and will include challenging targets like Gore Magala and Espinas. Anomaly Investigations are also being expanded, with an increased level cap of 120, and new afflicted materials. Hunters crafty enough to survive the challenge will be able to unlock new options for Qurious Crafting, including added Anomaly Slots and other new upgrades for weapons. Fashion Hunters also have reason to rejoice, as Title Update 2 will introduce layered weapons. This system enables hunters to change the appearance of their weapon to combine their favorite stats and designs. Finally, this update also includes new paid DLC such as the Master Arlow layered armor set, layered weapons, gestures, poses, hairstyles, and more.

New Event Quests will continue to arrive every week, and A-List Hunters eager for even more challenges can look forward to future title updates, as new monsters and more are just around the corner with Title Update 3 launching in late November.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 2 Screenshots