Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher TGS 2022 footage reveals more gameplay details

Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher has received plenty of new footage at Tokyo Game Show 2022. Bandai Namco held a live stream dedicated to the game in the middle of the event. It also included live gameplay footage where we could take a deep look at the game's interface.

While the developers claimed that the gameplay system is based on Monster Rancher 2, we could spot several changes and improvements from the 1999 game—which has since been ported globally to Switch, PC, and mobile devices. Here are some examples of the changes.

  • In Monster Rancher 2, the player had to remember the assistant's weekly assessment of the monster's condition as she would only say it once. In this game, the player can press Y to manually ask about those conditions.
  • The four-week Errantry system is also notably different, as it involves leaving your Kaiju to train and compete with another trainer's monster for the whole month.
  • Training areas have raiseable levels that will improve stat increases.
  • The player may also add an owned seasoning to the monthly food.
  • The game will show quick notifications of changes in parameters like fatigue and loyalty after each activity.

The stream also revealed an additional bonus to the game's early purchase incentives. Other than Sevenger with an Ultraman paint scheme, the pack will newly add a giant uniformed Mocchi, which appeared in the original Monster Rancher series.

Bandai Namco Southeast Asia has published an English version of the new Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, and you can find it right below. The game will be available for Nintendo Switch in Japanese and English on October 20.