Tactics Ogre: Reborn reveals various system upgrades, enhancements, and revamps it will be receiving that improve upon Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Square Enix has unveiled many of the enhancements that Tactics Ogre: Reborn will be receiving throughout various systems and mechanics. Much of the improvements will be felt by players who previously played Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and the new batch of information reminds veterans how these systems originally functioned, while informing newcomers how it used to be.


One of the improvements mentioned from the get-go is that equipment requirements are have considerably been eased up. Knights still can't equip bows nor can clerics fire off attack spells, but equipment that previously required a minimum level or speciailty skill prerequisite are gone. Players can more freely equip their troops with weapons and armor.

Some new skills have been added to Tactics Ogre: Reborn, such as the Pincer Attack skill. If an enemy is attacked between two allies, the ally behind the enemy will initiate a follow-up attack on their own.

Several skills have seen balance changes as well, so they might be utilized differently from their counterpart in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. For instance, finishing moves, ninjutsu, and war dances are much easier to execute in Tactics Ogre: Reborn. They previously required Technical Points and other additional conditions to be met in order to initiate them. Now, all these abilities only require MP to execute.

Charms are another new significant addition to Tactics Ogre: Reborn. These new items can be used when forming a party to improve and/or change units; they are obtained either during battle or after the battle has ended. Some charm effects shared are raising a unit's level by 1, giving bonus experience points, permanently increasing stats, or altering a unit's element to another element altogether.


A handful of updates to battle mechanics were detailed too for Tactics Ogre: Reborn.

Buff cards can be picked up on the battlefield that will increase a unit's stats for the entire duration of that battle. A single unit can only have up to four buff cards at once, but players can choose to stack buffs by having that unit pick up the same buff card consecutively.

AI to both enemies and allies have received significant upgrades too. Players can select one of four different AI settings (Fierce Attacker, Stalwart Defender, Distant Striker, and Ardent Mender) to tweak their behavior if they let the AI control their units. Switch between manual and auto battle can be done both from the party screen and in the middle of combat.

Bonus objectives have been added to stages for additional rewards. Players can challenge themselves by achieving them for further spoils. These objectives may contain requirements such as "win with a knight in the party" or "obtain a buff card". 

Another handy quality-of-life feature that veterans will appreciate is that players can now optionally display the trajectory of where their projectiles will travel. Firing bows and crossbows with trajectory prediction will give people an idea of where their shots will land, so they won't friendly fire a unit by mistake. This also works on applicable spells by magic classes too.

Allies that fall in battle can now be revived as long as the countdown timer on them does not reach 0. If an ally's HP falls to 0, they will be placed in an "Incapacitated" state with a countdown timer. They can be revived through magic or consumable items as long as that countdown timer does not reach 0, or else they can no longer be revived. There is no limit to how much a unit can be revived and once they are revived, they can immediately take action.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn no longer has random encounters on the world map. Now, players can partake in training battles at their own leisure in certain spots. Units can't be killed in training battles, so leveling them up is less stressful and much easier now.

One of the most important improvements coming to Tactics Ogre: Reborn is the enhancements to the crafting system. Crafting is now always locked at a 100% success rate now, so players will no longer have to waste valuable materials and ingredients; they will also never have to redo failed attempts because crafting upgrades will never fail in Tactics Ogre: Reborn. Plus, people are able to craft multiple things at once now.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn releases on November 11 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).

For more information, please read the Asset Guide provided by Square Enix down below.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn takes the best aspects of the original Tactics Ogre and Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together and incorporate s new elements, redesigning the battle system to create a modern game with a more enjoyable gameplay experience.

In this document, we explore changes to the battle system, focusing on changes to units, combat, and shops.

Simpler, Reimagined Unit Development

New equipment requirements improve usability.

In Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together there were requirements for using equipment such as weapons and armor, consumables such as HP recovery items, and magic. For example, some types of equipment had level restrictions, while others required separate specialty skills to equip.

In Tactics Ogre: Reborn, you can equip and use anything as soon as you find it. However, there are still certain class restrictions for equipment and magic. For example, a knight cannot equip a bow, a cleric cannot equip attack spells, and so on.

Each unit has seven equipment slots for weapons and armor, four slots for consumables, and four slots for magic. Deciding what combinationn of gear and abilities to bring into battle is more satisfying and fun than ever!


Skill rules have been revamped, making strategizing more fun!

As units gain levels, they acquire special abilities or "skills" they can use, giving each class its own distinct play style in battle. As with consumables and magic, each unit can equip up to four skills, so you ll have to put thought into the specific combination of skills you want to take into battle.

We ve also added new skills, and retuned the effects of others to further broaden the range of possible strategies, while maintaining the unique feel of each class. For example, if you attack an enemy standing between your own units, the new Pincer Attack skill will trigger, causing the ally behind the enemy to make an additional attack.


Finishing moves, ninjutsu, and war dances have all been updated!

Units can learn powerful finishing moves by meeting certain requirements. In Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, finishing moves, ninjutsu, and war dances required the accumulation and use of Technical Points (TP) and sometimes certain reagents as well. Now all these abilities simply require Magic Points (MP), just like magic. With these abilities unified to using MP, it's much simpler to assess the status of units during battle, and easier to construct a strategy.


New Item: Charms

Charms let you develop a unit s stats the way you want!

Charms are new items introduced to give you more control over the development of your units stats. You can use charms on the party formation screen to improve and alter your units. Charms can be found during battle, and after battle as a reward.

Charm Effects

  • Raise a unit's level by 1
  • Grant experience points
  • Permanently increase stats such as STR (strength) or AGI (agility)
  • Change a unit's element to another element (e.g., from air to holy)

Charms allow you to customize your units exactly how you want them, without having to spend time grinding levels.


New Battle Party Screen Features

The battle party screen, used to select and prepare units before sending them into battle, has also gained new features that make assembling your battle party easier than ever. Here, we will introduce two of these features.

The Scout command allows you to gather information on the enemy before entering battle!

By selecting Scout on the battle party screen, you can gain insight into the terrain and enemy forces (location, level, class, equipment, etc.). Since you can change your units’ classes and equipment on the battle party screen, you can use the information gained to assemble the best party possible.


You can now save up to 5 different battle parties!

By having a variety of battle parties prepared for various situations such as the number of enemy units or enemy class composition you can quickly select the optimal party based on information obtained by scouting before battle.


Seven Major Battle Related Updates

1. Turn the tables with buff cards!

During battle, items called buff cards appear on the battlefield. When a unit picks up a buff card it gains bonuses that last for the rest of the battle, such as increased attack power or critical chance. The bonus gained depends on the type of card found. Your units must vie against the enemy to obtain these buff cards, and how you move and respond in combat to gain the advantage they provide is a thrilling aspect of battle unique to this title.

A unit can have the effects of up to four buff cards at once, and the more buff cards with similar effects are stacked, the greater the effect, dynamically changing the shape of the battle as units acquire more cards.


2 . All new enemy AI adapts to each situation battles never get old!

The enemy considers the terrain, recognizing features such as narrow roads and wide, open plains, as well as the player’s movement, using this information to decide where the battlefront is and choose the best point to engage the player. In addition, how the enemy responds to the buff cards that appear at random creates an ever changing battle that
never feels repetitive.


3. Get additional rewards for completing bonus objectives!

In addition to the normal battle victory conditions, each battle also has a new bonus objective. Players will be presented with a goal such as "win with a knight in the battle party" or "obtain a buff card," and if they complete the objective, they will receive items such as charms and equipment to strengthen their forces. Take on this extra challenge if you feel like testing your abilities!


4. It's not just the enemy your units have upgraded AI, too!

If you want to let the computer control your units, you have four different AI settings to choose from: Fierce Attacker, Stalwart Defender, Distant Striker, and Ardent Mender. You can also quickly toggle between manual and AI control for all your units at once from the battle party screen or during battle!


5. Trajectory prediction eliminates costly mistakes!

When firing weapons like bows and crossbows, or casting spells that launch a projectile -such as Deadshot- you can display trajectory prediction to make sure that the attacker can hit the target without misfiring on their own troops


6. Reviving Incapacitated Units

When enemy attacks reduce a unit’s HP to zero, it is “Incapacitated." A countdown is displayed above the Incapacitated unit, and the unit can be revived with consumables or magic before the countdown reaches 0. Revived units can act immediately after being raised, allowing them to move, recover HP, or take other actions to regain their footing

Units can be revived any number of times, as long as the countdown never reaches 0. If the countdown does reach 0 the unit is "Deceased" and cannot be revived again.


7. Level up your units with training battles!

The random encounters that occurred when moving on the world map have been removed. Instead, you can now engage in training battles at specific locations whenever you like. Units cannot be killed in training battles, making the leveling process much easier.


Other General Balance Adjustments

The following are some of the other balance adjustments we’ve made, using Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together as the starting point.

Adjustments to Enemy Forces

Adjustments were made to the stats, equipment, and skills of each unit, as well as their positions on the battlefield.

Addition of the Party Level

The party level is the level of your army as a whole, which serves as a level cap for individual units. The party level cap rises gradually as players advance through the story, preventing players from grinding to arbitrarily high levels to brute force their way through battles. The introduction of the party level makes the use of each unit more important, better emphasizing the tactical nature of the game.

Since the party level is set slightly higher than the level of enemy units, it should no longer feel as if the difficulty jumps sharply after leveling up. Players can easily raise their units’ levels through training battles and charms, so even first time players should find the game approachable.


Adjustments to classes, equipment, consumables, magic, skills, finishing moves, and debuffs

We’ve optimized equipment, consumables, magic, skills, finishing moves, and debuffs as part of the AI update and with the goal of making the flow of battle simpler and easier to understand. Stats and ability activation requirements have been adjusted, and there have been additions and removals in all these categories where appropriate. The rogue class is also reserved for enemy units now.

Make the most of Valeria’s shops!

Shops, which are essential to progressing through the game’s battles, have been improved to provide a smoother experience, allowing players to easily buy and sell equipment, consumables, magic, and other items, as well as hire new units.

Improved UI keeps useful information at your fingertips!

When buying or selling equipment, you can quickly check information such as the current number of items in your inventory and which units have them equipped.


Crafting success rate is 100%

Crafting, which enhances the performance of equipment and consumables, now succeeds 100% of the time, eliminating wasted ingredients and the need to redo failed attempts. In addition, a convenient function to craft multiple items at once has been added.