Relayer Advanced releases for PC via Steam on October 27 and GOG on November 10

The mecha strategy RPG Relayer, which originally appeared on PlayStation 5 and 4, will also come to PCs. Dragami Games—The new company of the game's creator Yoshimi Yasuda that's also the de-facto successor to Kadokawa Games—has announced that they will release Relayer Advanced for PCs on two different platforms. The game will appear first on Steam on October 27. The company will also sell it via GOG on November 10.

Relayer Advanced will come with the following three major changes:

  1. A new option to change the map layout from the usual square grids to filled luminous lines
  2. The main story will have shorter conversations for more concise storytelling. The full conversations will still be available via the Recollections menu
  3. New high-difficulty endgame content "Wormhole Trial" which consists of 5 stages and features Phantoms—doppelgangers of the Star Children pilots—as new enemies.
Relayer Advanced new features

The Stellar Gear NEXT DLC mechs that appeared in the PlayStation versions will also be sold separately on PC. Players can purchase them individually or all together in packs. Dragami Games will also sell another season pass containing more new mechs, such as Selene NEXT for Luna and Amatsumikaboshi NEXT for Venus.

Find the first official trailer for Relayer Advanced right below. The game will appear on PCs via Steam on October 27 and GOG on November 10. The existing PlayStation 5 and 4 versions will also get the new features with an update patch on November 18.