Sea Horizon shows off three playable characters in a new gameplay trailer

Eastasiasoft has unveiled a new character introduction trailer for roguelike turn-based RPG Sea Horizon that highlights the journeys of three playable characters. The full game will have more new playable characters to unlock as well.

The trailer starts off with Dylan, the Adventurer. Dylan is your standard balanced character archetype armed with a sword and shield. When a player selects a character, they can choose one of three classes for their chosen character; some of the classes have an Extra Skill attached to them. For Dylan, he has the Adventurer, Ultramarine, and Chef classes. Ultramarine has the Sword Swing extra skill, while the Chef has access to the Shield Heal extra skill

Players manuever around a hexagon tile-based world and engage in turn-based fights utilizing a deck of cards to execute actions. Several events may prop up as people travel to certain hexagon tiles.

Next is Lyya, the Wanderer; Lyya is not a human and comes from a beast race. She specializes in agility and damage with her claws. Her three classes are Wanderer, Amber, and Assassin. Wanderer contains the Beast Will extra skill and Assassin carries the Poison Fang extra skill.

The final character in this new trailer for Sea Horizon is Shilin, the Priest. Her classes are Priest, Reddish Purple, and Pope. Reddish Purple comes with the Flog extra skill; Pope comes with the Bless extra skill. Shilin fulfills the needs of folks who want to have a mage as their main character. She has a wide array of spells at her disposal, along with healing capabilities too.

Many more playable characters can be unlocked when Sea Horizon launches for the Nintendo Switch on October 20. It will be coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One later in 2023.

Today we premiered a special “Character Introduction” video to celebrate the upcoming release of roguelike adventure RPG Sea Horizon. This video features a selection of 3 playable characters. Many more will be unlockable in the full game.

Produced in cooperation with 45 Studio, Sea Horizon arrives first on Nintendo Switch digitally on October 20th, with additional platforms to follow in early 2023. Sea Horizon is a turn-based RPG with roguelike elements and a focus on survival using cards and dice to govern available actions. A wide variety of playable characters offer unique stories and playstyles, and with each run, the hex grid overworld is randomized for maximum replay value.

The digital version of Sea Horizon will be priced at US$14.99/€14.99 and supports English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese language options. A 10% launch discount will be available on the eShop for the first 3 weeks following release. The Nintendo Switch version of Sea Horizon will also receive standard and Limited Edition physical versions, with pre-orders now open with online retail partner Playasia. Only 2000 Limited Editions will be available, priced at US$39.99 plus shipping. Standard copies are open pre-order at US$29.99 each.