Square Enix files trademarks for 'SaGa Emerald Beyond' and 'Emberstoria'

Square Enix is at it with the trademarks again - with a few new Japanese filings cropping up that appear to be our first glimpse at some new projects that are on the way from the publisher.

The trademarks are for two names: "SaGa Emerald Beyond" and "Emberstoria". Two trademarks were filed on October 13th in Japan, before showing up on the official Japanese trademark portal earlier this week, as spotted by our friends over at Gematsu

The most immediately interesting of these to existing RPG fans is of course SaGa Emerald Beyond, which could be suggestive of a new subtitle for a new entry or project in the SaGa series. We know that there are multiple SaGa series projects in development, and last year in an RPG Site interview SaGa series boss Akitoshi Kawazu committed to investigating further SaGa remasters and games.

SaGa has been on something of a tear, and there's some currently unannounced projects set for release imminently including Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song Remastered in December.

Meanwhile, the trademark for Emberstoria doesn't have any specific or obvious connection to any existing franchise - but it sure sounds like a Square Enix project name. This follows on from a trademark previously filed for "Emberstoria Overwrite", and the registration of a couple of domain names around the Emberstoria title. You know what they say - where there's smoke, there's, er... embers. This is probably a project we'll hear about soon.

Square Enix trademarks are generally pretty reliable. Earlier this year, we saw Square Enix trademark 'Final Bar Line' - which turned out to be the title of the newest Theatrhythm game. The first word we got on Tactics Ogre reborn, aside from an Nvidia leak, was via a trademark application, too. This stuff has form - so look forward to hearing about these projects in the future.