Square Enix files curious new trademarks for FF7, Final Bar Line, and more

Legal filings can often give us a glimpse into what game development houses are up to, and today it's Square Enix's turn - as a group of trademarks has been filed by the company in Japan.

The trademarks were filed back on 12th May, a week ago, but were made public and pushed into the public-facing trademark websites today. There's three new trademarks in total:

  • First, there's 'FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE INTERGRADE', referring to the definitive edition of FF7 Remake that released on PS5 and PC's Epic Games Store last year. This trademark already existed, but this renewed trademark could signal that we're due for something new around Intergrade. While on Epic Games Store and PS5, the game is not available on Steam, and there's never been an indication of an Xbox version. Just yesterday, Tetsuya Nomura made comments saying that there will be FF7 25th anniversary announcements next month - this might be related.
  • Next, there's 'FINAL BAR LINE', which could be just about anything. To our mind, the reference 'Bar Line' brings to mind sheet music - so this could be related to some Square Enix rhythm game in the realm of Theatrhythm or Melody of Memory
  • Finally, there's 'LABYRINTH STRIKER', which our buds over at Gematsu note is actually presented more like a portmanteau of both words. Gematsu suggest it might be localized to something like 'Labyrinstriker'. 

What could these trademarks mean? We'll have to wait and see. Usually, once something is registered like this in Japan, an announcement soon follows - in the case of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier and Ever Crisis, the announcements came within the month.

Between this, promises of FF7 news and the fact that we're imminently due an update on Final Fantasy XVI, it looks like it's going to be a busy summer for Square Enix - and us, RPG fans.