Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary news coming "next month", says Tetsuya Nomura

Fans waiting to hear more about what's next in the world of Final Fantasy VII should begin hyperventilating - as the next news for that beloved universe is apparently not far off, according to new comments made by Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura.

"Next month we're planning to publish information related to VII's 25th anniversary," Nomura stated during a special promotional stream for mobile-based battle royale FF7 spin-off The First Soldier. 

"I wonder how far I'm allowed to share about it [right now]," Nomura continued, teasing that he might actually reveal a little information on the stream - before drawing back to say nothing more. "Next month we will publish various things," he reiterated.

Tetsuya Nomura is arguably the most important person in the development of the Final Fantasy VII universe, including the remake titles and other developments including The First Soldier. In ther modern era of FF7 beyond the original game, Nomura has become the arbiter of all things around that universe, leading the direction of the Compilation of Final Fanasy VII and the newer resurgence of the FF7 world caused by FF7 Remake. Nomura isn't directing the next installment of the FF7 Remake, but he will be deeply involved in that title otherwise.

It's worth noting that these comments are specifically about the 25th anniversary celebrations for Final Fantasy VII, and not necessarily the reveal of the second part of FF7 Remake. There's a number of other FF7 projects in the pipeline including mobile titles Ever Crisis and The First Soldier, and there's undoubtedly set to be a lot of FF7 25th merchandise. We also wouldn't be surprised to see all-new FF7 titles - a remake or remaster of Crisis Core now feels long overdue. With that said, the second part of FF7 Remake is certainly what most people will be looking out for.

We'll find out what news Nomura is set to reveal soon, of course. Perhaps it'll be the same event where new Final Fantasy XVI information is set to debut. Time will tell...