Tactics Ogre: Reborn re-introduces more returning Characters and the Beast Tamer, Dragoon, Swordsmaster, Warlock / Witch, & Fusilier Classes

Square Enix welcomes another batch of returning characters and classes in Tactics Ogre: Reborn. They've provided a look at the four Phoraena sisters, fan-favorite Ravness, and more. Several characters from the Knights of Almorica, Wallster Resistance, and the Kingdom of Galgastan get a spotlight too.

The following characters were detailed: (click on any of them to navigate further down to what Square Enix had to say about them in their Asset Guide)

The following classes were detailed: (click on any of them to navigate further down to what Square Enix had to say about them in their blog post)

Tactics Ogre: Reborn arrives on November 11 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).

Leonar Reci Rimon

"If a man wants power, he must claim it for himself. No noble will do that for him."
  • A Walister who captains the Knights of Almorica. 27 years old.

He serves as the right hand of Duke Ronwey, and is a vital member of the Resistance. At first glance, he appears no more than a stern soldier, recalcitrant in his ways, but he is in fact one of the duke's most trusted councilors and strategists. His mother was killed by the Galgastani in the preceding turmoil.


Ravness Loxaerion

"Make no mistake, I have high hopes for you."
  • A Walister who serves with the Knights of Almorica. 23 years old.

She is next in command to Sir Leonar. She has been a close supporter of Duke Ronwey , and is among his most trusted advisors. Though known for her calm demeanor, she stubbornly opposes the use of underhanded tactics.


Arycelle Dania

"Oh, I'll have your head, but I am no headhunter. You'll pay in blood for what you did in Balmamusa."
  • A Walister hailing from Krysaro who serves the Walister Resistance. 19 years old.

She and her brother took up arms with the Resistance after their parents died in the first engagement between Galgastani and Walister forces. Both were accomplished archers, among the best the Resistance had in the field, and they were never stationed far from the front lines.


Hobyrim Vandam

"I might not be able to see, but my sword is truer than most."
  • A blind swordsman from a foreign land. 31 years old.

It seems he is connected to the Dark Knights somehow, but he will not speak on the matter.


Cerya Phoraena

"Without feet firmly upon the ground, you will drift."
  • A Bakram who leads the Liberation Front. 26 years old.

She once spread the teachings of the Order of Philaha , worshippers of the Great Father, but left after losing faith in religion. She went on to form the Liberation Front, aiming to end the war by revolutionary means.


Cistina Phoraena

"Then we share common cause. Let us fight together."
  • A Bakram formerly with the Liberation Front. 20 years old.

She is the third eldest of four daughters born to Mreuva Phoraena, a former archiereus in the Order of Philaha. After Abuna Brantyn ousted her father from power and her mother died, she parted ways with the Order and joined her sister Cerya in forming the Liberation Front.


Olivya Phoraena

"What you are, who you are, has no bearing on who you will become!"
  • A Bakram who was once a sibyl of the Order of Philaha. 18 years old.

She is the youngest of four daughters born to Mreuva Phoraena , a former archiereus in the Order of Philaha. After escaping political strife in Heim, she continued to pass on the teachings of the Order with her father. She joined the upper echelons of the Order upon her father's disappearance.


Sherri Phoraena

"Mother's blood is on our father's hands!"
  • A Bakram who was once a follower of the Order of Philaha. 24 years old.

She is the second eldest of four daughters born to Mreuva Phoraena, a former archiereus in the Order. Once a missionary, she chose a different calling upon the death of her mother, which left her disillusioned with her faith.


Diego Galet Azelstan

"Diego may be a man of the sea, but he can hold his own on shifting deck or solid ground."

A legendary Galgastani pirate. In his younger days he was known to all who sailed the seas of the Valerian Isles. He was greatly feared for the abandon with which he snatched away both cargo and lives. Then one day he took to the shore and disappeared.


Xaebos Ronsenbach

"To make it so, we need only win. It is the victor who pens the tale!"
  • A Galgastani who once led the Knights of Galgastan. 30 years old.

He served directly under Balbatos, hunting down the Hierophant's enemies at home and suppressing the Walister. Though an arrogant man, his bravery in battle cannot be doubted. His manner is rough, and his words direct, but his concern for his men and countrymen is second to none. A fearsome commander, he is nonetheless admired as a staunch and steadfast ally.


Hektor Didarro

"We do not sell friends, not even for the unkindest price. Would you do any different?"

A Galgastani who serves his clan in battle. He is a knight of House Didarro , a family of note in Coritanae. They have served the Lord of Coritanae for many generations, and are fiercely loyal to the Kingdom of Galgastan. Hektor was garrisoned at Brigantys Castle under High Commander Xaebos.


Dukas Windelband Gatialo

"We are strong! We bloody our hands with the toils of victory! There is no shame in triumph!"

A Galgastani who serves his clan in battle. He is a close associate of Hierophant Balbatos, and one of his most trusted commanders. He also played a large role in carrying out the blood war. He openly states his opinion that the Galgastani are superior to other peoples, and is particularly savage towards non Galgastani on the field of battle.


Nybeth Obdilord

"I detest inefficiency"
  • A Galgastani who serves the Kingdom of Galgastan. 50 years old.

He was consul to Almorica while it was under Galgastani control; however, it appears he left his duties to another in his service, and was rarely seen in public.


Cressida Lauya Zurbaran

"You mean to say that I defile the bodies and souls of the departed."
  • A Galgastani who once served her clan in battle. 27 years old.

Together with her mother, Cassandra, and sister, Moldova, she practices necromancy under the Necromancer Nybeth, believing that reviving the flesh of the dead by calling their souls back to the transient world serves to dispel their feelings of regret.



Beast Tamer

The beast tamer is able to train beasts and dragons and unleash their hidden potential.



A warrior with a special talent for slaying beasts and dragons.



A melee attacker and master of the two handed katana. Able to dance powerful war dances.


Warlock / Witch

Part mage, part scholar, the warlock or witch learns much of their trade from ancient writings. They are able to control golems and unleash their true potential.



The fusilier can wield all of the powerful ranged weapons that give them their name.