Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty launches worldwide on March 3, 2023, demo feedback published

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja have announced that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will launch simultaneously worldwide on March 3, 2023, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC (Steam and Microsoft Store).

Koei Tecmo revealed a number of purchase incentives for Wo Long, which include armors based on three out of four celestial beasts (excluding the Black Tortoise Xuanwu). Purchasing an early physical copy or the digital version by March 16 will net the Baihu (White Tiger) Armor. The Zhuque (Vermilion Bird) Armor will be exclusively available from pre-ordering the game digitally. A physical steelbook release will instead contain a serial code for a different set of DLC items: Crown of Zhurong and Crown of Gonggong.

The company also confirmed that Wo Long will have a Season Pass with 3 DLC packs. Just like the Nioh series, the DLC will gradually add new stages, characters, demons, and weapons. Those who purchase the Season Pass instead of the individual DLC packs will be able to obtain the Qinglong (Azure Dragon) Armor.

Wo Long - Bonus purchase incentives

Meanwhile, Team Ninja published a new webpage showing results from the public demo feedback survey. The team also added a list of adjustments based on the feedback that they will implement in the full release.

Descriptions of the release date and adjustments from demo feedback can be found below, via Koei Tecmo. For more on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you can check out the announcement trailer & screenshots, a debut gameplay trailer, or the demo trailer & screenshots.

Today Koei Tecmo and developer Team Ninja announced a 3rd March 2023 worldwide release date for their action-packed dark fantasy, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Team Ninja's demon-plagued epic will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, on PC via Windows and Steam, and will be available day one with Xbox Game Pass on console and PC. 

Koei Tecmo also announced that in addition to the standard version of the game, a special Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Digital Deluxe Edition will be available at the same time, which includes a Season Pass that features three DLC packs. These packs are highlighted by new generals, new demons, new scenarios, new stages, new weapon types, and more. The Digital Deluxe Edition also includes a digital artbook and a digital mini soundtrack. Those who purchase the Digital Deluxe Edition will be rewarded with the Season Pass/DDX bonus: “Qinglong Armor”.

In addition, Koei Tecmo revealed Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s early purchase bonus. Purchase the physical or digital game by 16th March to receive special “Baihu Armor”. Those who pre-order the game digitally will receive both the early purchase bonus along with the pre-order bonus: “Zhuque Armor”.

A limited-edition SteelBook version of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will also be available at launch. The SteelBook Launch Edition includes an exclusive collectible case along with bonus DLC items “Crown of Zhurong” and “Crown of Gonggong”.

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja released the results of the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty survey conducted in September. The feedback report from over 80,000 fans who defeated the demo is available on the official site today.

List of Adjustments from Demo Feedback


  • Improve Deflects to make them easier to use, and make adjustments so that it is easier to try switching between offense and defense.
  • Improve elements that were hard to play such as control input and camera behavior.
  • Improve the quality of multiplayer.


  • Alleviate the frame input and judgement of Deflects, and also adjust the amount of Spirit that increases or decreases.
  • Revise the overall amount of Spirit that increases or decreases as well as the recovery speed, and make adjustments to expand strategy options.
  • Strengthen the lock-on ability of follow-up attacks after Deflects.
  • Strengthen the visual cues when Deflects are successful.
  • For Martial Arts and Wizardry Spells that were difficult to use, edit upwards the activation speed and amount of Spirit used.
  • Improve simultaneous input so that it is easier to activate Summon Divine Beast and Divine Beast Resonance.
  • Improve the input when using items and make it easier to use with each type of action.
  • Shorten the action to use the Dragon's Cure Pot (recovery item) and speed up the recovery process.


  • Stabilize the frame rate and improve the graphic quality through rendering optimization.


  • Improve the sound effects for Deflects, attack hits, etc.
  • Adjust the volume balance.

Level Design, Difficulty

  • Eliminate immediate death after falling into the abyss and instead be restored to the position right before falling with a certain amount of damage taken.
  • Strengthen route guidance by adjusting the lighting and placement of objects.
  • Enhance the difference in the way Battle Flags and Marking Flags look before they are raised.


  • Revise the timing of when tutorials appear and strengthen reminders.
  • Add tutorials for elements that lack sufficient explanation.


  • Add the capability to use several consumable items at once, such as Genuine Qi Shards
  • Increase the default font size and improve legibility.
  • Enhance the appearance of when the upper limit of Spirit is being reduced.
  • Other interface and usability related improvements.

Online Multiplayer

  • Improve synchronization in multiplayer mode.
  • Adjust enemy strength and Spirit corrections during multiplayer mode.
  • Improve the stability of matching.

Character Creator

  • Add a highlight function to indicate what parts have changed when making adjustments in each category.
  • Add variations of hairstyles and accessories.


  • Improve camera shake during attacks.
  • Improve the camera behavior in narrow areas and against walls.
  • Revise the lock-on behavior so that aiming at intended targets is improved.

Morale Rank

  • Adjust the Morale Points earned when enemies with a higher Morale Rank are defeated.
  • Change the player's Morale Rank so that it can increase higher than the maximum Fortitude Rank.
  • Make adjustments so that Morale Points can be earned when attacks that consume Spirit land.

Growth Elements

  • Revise the Spirit and guard performance of each weapon type to increase uniqueness.
  • Adjust the influence factor of equipment weight.

Other Adjustments

  • Other various bug fixes