Wizardry Variants Daphne is a free-to-play mobile RPG set to release in 2023

Drecom and Studio 2Pro have announced Wizardry Variants Daphne, a free-to-play mobile RPG based on the Wizardry dungeon-crawling franchise set to release in 2023. Variants Daphne was previously teased as Wizardy VA.

A teaser trailer, description, and first images can be found below. Pre-registration is now available on the official website. An official Twitter account has also opened.

The portal of despair opens again. The labyrinth, with its lure to destruction, continues to entice warriors, and annihilate them. Ye Traveler. Revel in the endless dangers that close in, relish the risk, devour the rewards. -Wizardry Variants Daphne- Savor the risk.


Once every 100 years, the Abyss opens. It is a curse of death that consumes the continent. A Warlock who coveted Death, devoured people and animals and enveloped the world in despair. For thousands of years the line of kings has sealed the Abyss. But now, the king has vanished, and the world is being consumed by death, moment by moment. Resistance itself is meaningless. There is naught but to perish.

Experience 3D dungeon realism!

One of Wizardry Variants Daphne's key features is that it is played entirely in first-person. You will feel as if you have stepped into the Abyss yourself, experiencing the realism of monster attacks, various lurking dangers such as floor traps, and exploring the dungeon with other adventurers.

About Wizardry

A 3D dungeon-exploration RPG series released in the United States in 1981. The highly immersive first-person view and breathtaking adventures captivated many users. Maze exploration, party formation, and monster battles all had a major impact on later RPGs, and it is often referred to as the origin of RPGs. Many titles have been released to date, and even now, more than 40 years later, it remains a timeless classic that boasts strong popularity around the world.