Neowiz releases teaser trailer for mobile RPG Brown Dust 2

Publisher Neowiz and developer GAMFSN have released a teaser trailer for upcoming mobile RPG Brown Dust 2, as well as opened a teaser website and Twitter account.

The teaser trailer and details can be found below, via Neowiz.

NEOWIZ today released the official  teaser website for the forthcoming mobile RPG, Brown Dust 2, currently in development by GAMFSN. On the newly released Brown Dust 2  teaser website, users can find new information on the game along with the first game preview trailer. The preview video contains fantasy-style Brown Dust world lore, battles, and townscapes. The video piques viewers’ curiosity by ending with an introduction to the four main characters hint about the story that will unfold.Brown Dust 2 Teaser Trailer

In March last year, Brown Dust 2 announced online the Brown Dust New IP Showcase. As the official sequel to the mobile RPG Brown Dust (known as Brave Nine in the West). Brown Dust 2  showcases various narratives and adventures inside a beautiful and serene atmosphere that tells an all new story to the world of Brown Dust. The sequel features high-end 2D graphics and illustrations that inherit the style of Brown Dust, while letting players explore the world in a way they’ve never seen before.

Brown Dust 2 will actively communicate and share future updates and news about the game through various community platforms starting with their official Twitter account.

Brown Dust 2 received an incredible amount of interest and anticipation from users after the surprise release of the teaser video at the last showcase. GAMFSN will work hard to maintain the core aspect of the Brown Dust IP but will also provide a unique entertainment experience.

Brown Dust 2 is scheduled to be released in 2023. More details about the game can be found in the official teaser website.