Open-world survival RPG Frozen Flame launches for Steam Early Access on November 17

Ravenside Publishing and Dreamside Interactive have announced that open-world survival RPG Frozen Flame will launch for Steam Early Access on November 17.

A gameplay trailer, description, and new screenshots can be found below, via Ravenside Publishing. More information can be found in the game's announcement at the PC Gaming Show earlier this year.

Frozen Flame, the survival fantasy action-RPG set in the dying world of dragons will release on Steam Early Access on November 17. Developed by Dreamside Interactive and published by Ravenage, players are welcome to experience the beautiful, yet dangerous and mysterious realms of Arcana in the latest chapter of Frozen Flame’s journey. 

Frozen Flame recently had a free-for-all open beta which hosted more than 10,000 players over Halloween weekend, receiving mostly positive reviews according to the in-game survey. 

“The results of the Open Beta are inspiring. We received a lot of feedback and support from gamers worldwide and we will continue meeting expectations of our community and adding more content for exploration”, said Serge Korolev, founder of Dreamside Interactive.

The open-beta served as a last check before the ambitious gateway survival title marches onward into Early Access.

Events like the Open Beta and Steam Next Fest demos have been integral to the game’s creation. One of the core components for the team was to establish a rapport with players early, and respond proactively to areas of improvement or adjust mechanics as needed. Frozen Flame has also been featured by valued partners, instrumental in bringing awareness to what developers hope to be a gateway survival game for players who have yet to dive deeply into the genre.

Dreamside Interactive and Ravenage would also like to thank their loyal fanbase for their patience, engagement, and feedback throughout the creation of Frozen Flame, for it is through their efforts the game has reached this momentous milestone. Both teams have great visions of the future that they cannot wait to implement in future updates through Early Access and Beyond.